Tools and Materials Safety


Making props and costumes is amazingly fun and satisfying, but remember; safety always comes first.

  • When you buy a new tool or material, read the safety information.
  • When spraying paint, heating materials, or using chemicals, work in a well ventilated area.
  • With hot things, wear work gloves. If using chemicals, wear rubber gloves.
  • Don’t work if you’re sleep deprived. You’ll starting making more mistakes than progress.
  • Keep your shop clean and organized, with power cords out of the way.
  • Like the great Jimmy DiResta says, “always be present” with your work.
  • Keep a well-stocked First Aid kit in the shop…and a fire extinguisher.
  • When cutting with a knife or chisel, don’t put your hand beyond the direction that you’re cutting toward.

List of Safety Tools

Convention Safety

When you’ve got your sweet costume and you’re off to a convention, you have a responsibility to be a safe presence. Make sure you have fun and don’t stop others from having fun, too!

  • Go to your convention’s website and read their cosplay rules.
  • When you’re at the convention, keep hydrated and take breaks! Also, break in your shoes before the con.
  • At the convention, look for a “weapons check” station (most cons have them) to prove your weapon is safe.
  • Don’t bring real weapons to a convention (airsoft guns, metal blades).
  • Make a removable orange cap for your prop gun.
  • Keep your costume and prop from hitting other convention attendees.
  • When posing with a person, ask permission before pointing your weapon near them. (Never point weapons directly at people at conventions, even for photos.)
  • Remember, just because you’re cosplaying it doesn’t mean attendees can harass you in any way. Cosplay is not consent. Check out my video on Convention Safety & Security for my opinion. If you are being harassed, find a convention worker and report the offense immediately.

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