Painting Props and Costumes


A good application of paint can make your props and costumes look incredibly awesome! We have a collection of tutorials and projects where we show painting techniques listed below.

Also, here’s some great tips:

  • If your prop space gun isn’t supposed to look like it just came off the factory line, try out weathering.
  • For an amazing amount of helpful information, check out Volpin Props’ Painting and Weathering for Props and Replicas eBook.
  • Use stencils cut from masking tape to add decals and patterns to your armor.
  • If you want to up your painting game, invest in an airbrush.
Pip Boy Repaint
Pip Boy Repaint
Pip Boy Repaint

More Videos About Painting:

Finishing my Adam Savage Collaboration! Painting the Foam Ringwraith Gauntlet

During a recent trip to San Francisco to film some projects with Tested, Bill got to visit Adam Savage’s workshop and team up with the Mythbuster himself for an epic one day build! The duo made a replica of the Nazgul gauntlet using EVA foam. In this video, Bill makes another gauntlet and then paints them all to look like real metal.

Basic Prop & Costume Weathering with Acrylic Paint Washes

A basic black, brown, or dark wash of acrylic paints can add a quick and easy weathering pass to your prop and costume projects that’ll make it look more realistic and world worn. In this video, Bill shows some simple techniques to take your prop finishes to the next level.

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