One-Day Builds


Sometimes the props we make can takes weeks to build, but sometimes they’re built in one day! Here’s a collection of one-day prop and costume builds. Our quick builds are usually foam weapons or Nerf gun repaints. Also, quick builds like display stands and finishing cosplay prop kits.

Foam Ankle Cuff
Nerf Gun Mod

More One-Day Builds!

Leather Basics: Tools, Tooling, and Techniques!

Bill learns some leather working basics from his buddy Gregg of Bjorn’s Workshop, our local (not for long) leather expert! Together they cover some beginner tools and techniques and make Bill an awesome holster!

Modifying a Toy Pistol for DIY Film Making and Cosplay

If you’re looking for a low budget, DIY gun prop for cosplay or filming, this cheap toy gun is exactly what you need. Follow along as Bill shows you how to transform this plastic play thing into a legit looking pistol prop. Maxx Action 9mm Toy Pistol - Amazon Maxx...

The Punished Pack! Four books, one low price.