Chat Info and Guidelines


Legacy Punished Props Live Chat

Punished Props Live content is now on, which has a great built-in chat. This page contains the information for our original chat room that we no longer view during Live Streams. But, the channel still exists and you can use it if you want!

Our Legacy chat room is a live IRC channel for the Punished Props cosplay community. Feel free to use the chat any time–it should always be available.

Kiwi IRC
Thinstack IRC (Channel: #punishedprops)

Channel: #punishedprops

If you keep getting kicked from the chat, you’ll need to use an IRC client, like HexChat or XChat Azure (for mac users).

What is IRC?
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a chat channel that is super fast and always available! The IRC interface is simple and easy for us to read during the Live Shows. You can create a nickname and register the name with your email, reserving your name for the Punished Props IRC.

However, if you’re getting constantly kicked from the chat, you’ll need to use a IRC client, like HexChat or XChat Azure (for mac users).

How do I register my nick name?
Type the command below with your password and email:
/msg NickServ REGISTER password email-address

If you change your nick name, you need to add it to your registered name with the command:
/msg NickServ GROUP password email-address

For other nickname concerns read through the list of commands by typing:
/msg NickServ help

What are some cool chat commands?
Send a direct message to a person:
/msg username message-to-user

To put a message in the chat in the third-person:
/me your-message-about-yourself

Live Chat Guidelines

We want to have a friendly, open, helpful environment for the cosplay community.

  • Anybody Can (and should) Cosplay Any Character for Any Reason
  • Don’t spam the chat.
  • There’s several ways to build things.
    Whether you use resin, worbla, foam, or some new invention, there’s no “one correct way” to build costumes. Most projects are mixed media, anyway. It’s alright to offer suggestions, but respect people’s tools and materials of choice.
  • Language!
    Some swearing is fine, but don’t use harassing language or harassing nick names.