Fallout Props & Costumes

We’ve been loving Fallout 4 and every time we sit down to play, we point at something and say “I want to make that!” Here’s a collection of our Fallout 4 builds so far. We’ve used the Mister Handy model and the Nuka Cola Rocket Bottle to show how to mold and cast props. Our Mechanist and Assaultron costumes are made out of foam. Bill also got the collector’s edition of Fallout 4 to repaint the Pip-Boy.

More Fallout Build Videos:

How to Make Foam Melee Weapons – Prop: Live from the Shop

Bill and Britt tag team the live stream and each build their own foam melee weapons from Fallout 4. Follow along as Britt crafts a tire iron axe and Bill makes a pipe wrench. These one day builds were all done on their live stream.

Painting the Assaultron Armor and Bodysuit – Prop: Shop

Britt from Punished Props seals and paints her Fallout 4 Assaultron armor and undersuit. The armor is sealed with latex, then painted with oil paints. The bodysuit is airbrushed with Createx airbrush paints and detailed with fabric markers.

Prop: Live – Fallout 4 Assaultron Costume – Hands

After several attempts, Britt finally settles on a foam build that works for the Fallout 4 Assaultron’s hands. In this live stream, Britt uses Inkscape to import her final finger template to the laser cutter and shows the whole cutting process.

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