So you’re a fan of Punished Props and you want more content.

We can’t blame you – learning to make your own epic props and costumes is WAY cool! We’re all about people wanting to see more, do more, and make more! For people like you, we’ve created the Extra Credit Club.

The Extra Credit Club is comprised of our supporters who do a little extra to help us keep making awesome videos by throwing us a few bucks on Patreon or YouTube. To thank them for their something extra, we give them a little extra too – like the content below!  

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Extra Credit Club Vlogs – stuff going on in the shop, Bill’s personal projects, sneak peeks at upoming buids, and more!

Build Chats – Bonus content about our Monday videos, discussions with guests, and more behind the scenes talk.

Pretty cool huh?

Not only will you gain access to this Extra Credit content, but you’ll also get early access to our Monday videos and see them before anyone else! Sound like a sweet deal? We think so too. Your support means the world to us and really helps us make our videos even more awesome.