Cosplay Adventures

Here’s a collection of Punished Props’ adventures in life and the world of cosplay. Bill gives his opinions on hot topics effecting the cosplay community. Spoilers: just have fun and let others have fun, too! Our convention and travel videos are gathered here as well.

Also, do your best to be safe at conventions. We go into the details on our safety page here.

Anybody Can (and should) Cosplay any Character for Any Reason

More Cosplay Adventure videos

Exploring the Seattle SciFi Museum with Evil Ted

Bill, Ted, and Brittany had a chance to check out the “MoPop” in Seattle, home of the Science Fiction Museum. There were props and costumes from all of our favorite movies and TV shows! The gang also got a lesson in the background of many of the props from Evil Ted’s vast experience in the Hollywood FX industry.

Dragon Con 2016 with Punished Props

Dragon Con is our very favorite convention. It’s in Atlanta and we make the pilgrimage every year. This go around I brought my little go pro camera and tried to capture the experience I have every year from start to finish.

Prop: Shop – Mask Making with Will Morgan

During a recent trip to Southern California, Bill had the chance to swing by the workspace of his old shop mate, Will Morgan! Will has been busy over the past few months and he’s done several mask sculpts. Bill & Will go over the basic process of sculpting, molding, and casting masks.

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