Cosplay Adventures

Here’s a collection of Punished Props’ adventures in life and the world of cosplay. Bill gives his opinions on hot topics effecting the cosplay community. Spoilers: just have fun and let others have fun, too! Our convention and travel videos are gathered here as well.

Also, do your best to be safe at conventions. We go into the details on our safety page here.

Anybody Can (and should) Cosplay any Character for Any Reason

More Cosplay Adventure videos

Bill’s Favorite Store in the World

During ConStruct 2017, Bill got to chat with Marc Fields, the owner of one of the most amazing tool and material stores in the world; The Compleat Sculptor.

PAX East 2017 with Punished Props and Friends!

Thanks to our friends at Logitech, we had the chance to go to PAX East and play around with our Mass Effect armor! We saw a lot of amazing props and costumes, but we also had the change to talk to some of our amazing maker friends about some of the projects they’ve been working on!

Behind the Scenes with Andrew DFT

During their trip to New Zealand, Bill and Britt stopped by Andrew DFT’s shop space to see how he does what he does. Shenanigans ensued.

The Punished Pack! Four books, one low price.