We’re Taking a Break from Most Conventions in 2018

What’s that you say?! Apart from a couple of exceptions, the Punished Props team is cutting back on convention travel for the duration of 2018. The reason is simple: we’re expanding. Our business has grown well beyond the limits of our basement shop and it’s time to move. The next year will be a whirlwind of behind the scenes activity that will keep us crazy busy. We’re focusing all of our time inward, building more video content for the community and taking the next big step for our business. We won’t be leaving the shop much and will have difficulty committing to convention and travel dates.

You’re not going to any conventions?!

Don’t worry, we’re still going to make it out to a couple. Expect to see us a ECCC in Seattle, Dragon Con in Atlanta, and BlizzCon in LA.

2018 Convention Appearances

Dragon Con
September 1-4 – Atlanta, Georgia


November 3-4 – Anaheim, California