3D Printing Props and Costumes

We use 3D printing for all kinds of projects here at Punished Props Academy. Whether we’re printing an entire prop for clean up, molding, and casting, printing small parts for a larger project, or even printing the casing for a mold, we’ve found a multitude of uses for this technique that we’re eager to share with you!

Our current machines are the Ultimaker 2+ Extended, The Lulzbot Mini, and the Form 2 SLA Printer, but we’ve tried a few other printers as well!

We encourage everyone to try modeling their own prints. Once you learn how to model, you can print any prop or cosplay piece you want! If you’ve never modeled for 3D printing before, we recommend learning Fusion 360. The program is free for students and hobbyists. Follow along with the tutorials on the Fusion 360 website to learn the basics. The program looks intimidating, but you only need a few of the tools to create simple items. To get a 3D model ready for printing, a slicing program is needed. Cura is the free slicer that works with the Ultimaker. For finer control, we invested in is Simplify3D.

    3D Modeling Programs

    3D Slicing Programs

    Check out this super handy podcast we did with our buddy Joel, The 3D Printing Nerd! We talk all about different aspects of 3D printing – printers, filament, and more!

    3D printing, molding, and casting the Bladerunner Blaster.

    3D Printing Han Solo’s Lucky Dice

    More 3D Printing Videos:

    Avoid a Fire Hazard – Anet A8 Safety Upgrades

    Cheap, DIY 3D printers can pose a significant fire and safety hazard if not used with extreme caution. Bill shows off the safety upgrades he’s made to this machine so that he can print his helmet with confidence.

    Adding a Robot Shell to My 3D Printed Glove Skeleton

    You read that right. Last week I 3D printed a flexible glove platform and this week I made aesthetic shell pieces to cover up the finger parts. These pieces were modeled in Fusion 360 and printed on the Sigma 3D printer. In this video I show how I finished and assembled those parts.

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