3D Printing Props and Costumes

Punished Props is learning how to model prop and costume pieces for 3D Printing. Follow along with our videos and create your own models–it just takes practice! We transform the printed pieces even further by cleaning them up and even molding and casting copies.

We have tried out a few different 3D printers and our current machine is the Ultimaker 2+ Extended. To get a 3D model ready for printing, a slicing program is needed. Cura is the free slicer that works with the Ultimaker. For finer control, we invested in is Simplify3D.

We encourage everyone to try modeling their own prints. Once you learn how to model, you can print any prop or cosplay piece you want! If you’ve never modeled for 3D printing before, we recommend learning Fusion 360. The program is free for students and hobbyists. Follow along with the tutorials on the Fusion 360 website to learn the basics. The program looks intimidating, but you only need a few of the tools to create simple items.

3D Modeling Programs

3D Slicing Programs

HOW TO Make Han Solo’s Lucky Dice PROP with 3D Printing

Han Solo’s lucky Sabacc dice are a great little project to learn some basic 3D modeling. In this video Bill shows you how to model the parts in Fusion 360 and then finish and paint the 3D prints to look like the prop from the movie.

3D Printing a Samus Metroid Helmet – Zortrax M300

Zortax sent us their M300 3D Printer and a pile of filament to create a project. Our family and cosplay counterparts, Jaimi and Rob, were crafting a Samus costume from the Metroid video games and wanted to 3D print the helmet. What a great way to try out the large build volume of the M300 and make an awesome cosplay helmet!

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