Coregeek Creations joins us on this week’s prop and costume Q&A! Bill and Eric answer questions about blade sharpening, advice for new foamsmiths, swords, lifecasting, sanding (of course), and more!


Coregeek Creations

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Questions from the Show:

Scott Pope aka: Wildkarde
Not a question, just a big thank you to Eric for being a genuinely nice person and always being helpful and positive in person and on social media. A truly great example of our community and a master craftsman. A personal thank you for all your help and advice, especially painting my Thor helmet! You’re the Man Eric! Britt I think you’re wonderful too! Bill, you’re ok I guess 😉

Adrian Stanescu
Question 1: You use the 9mm snap off blades for cutting foam and I find myself needing to switch them out very often so I’m thinking of using a sharpener. What should I use and how?
Question 2: Also, can you give us an update on the Anet A8? I just got one and have been getting some great results from it! Apparently not everyone has had the same experience with it though…

Sam – Bio Cosplay
Eric, how is your commissioner Gordon cosplay coming along and where is your glorious mustache?

Question 1: Eric, when is the next Craft and Geek episode coming out? I binged 21 episodes and now I’m starting to have withdrawals.
Question 2: Bill, you’ve recommended Inkscape as a free vector program. I’ve seen you use Fusion 360 for 3D work. What are your thoughts on Blender for someone who wants to learn 3D modeling with printing in mind.
Question 3: I once heard some say “Don’t just read what your mentor writes, read what your mentor reads.” What are you reading, watching or listening to that fuels your work?

Matt Roe
Looking for budget friendly methods for molding and I stumbled across a glycerin/gelatin mix that may be promising. I plan on picking up the ingredients and trying it for myself. Would you consider trying the glycerin/gelatin mold yourselves and possibly doing a budget mold making video? Link to article on mold material below.

Tristan Kutzer
I’m building armor based on a character from RWBY by Rooster Teeth! My armor is very solid so far and everything is coming together very well except I’m still struggling with the body armor to be formed to my body. What would you recommend to close up gaps on armor and allow for the most mobility?

I’m a new prop maker, what a advice do you have for a newbie foam user? I also have a vision disability, what tips can you recommend to make prop designing more acceptable?

Who is Eric’s dream guest to interview for Craft & Geek?

Question 1: Do you like Halloween or do you see it as “amature hour”?
Question 2: What one piece (prop or costume) are you most proud of and why?

Latest & Greatest “I can’t believe I didn’t know about this…” (tool, technique, material, etc.)

How many layers of varnish do you use to seal foam armor after you have finished painting?

Do you have any tips for designing futuristic prop guns?

Do you have a suggestion for a motor controller that I can use to try and make an electromagnet controlled Ouja board that I can control with my phone?

Who has the buffest forearms from sanding? Also what is your favorite sanding tip for newbies looking for the perfect finish?

Cosplay Destiny
Will you have any meetups in central Florida?

I am making a short sword with a somewhat subtle toothed edge to it. Is it best to bevel the edge of the blade first before adding in the teeth, or should I cut out the teeth from the template from the get go?

dlc props
Eric, have you thought of what your next project will be once you’re done with the wonder women sword?

I am going to get a Life Cast made. I don’t know what plaster or alginate type material to use. Are there advantages/disadvantages to each?

Scalethor cosplay
Do you have anymore plans to make more kits like Sir Botsalot?