Brad, from Impact Props, joins us for Q&A this week! Bill and Brad answer questions about the Master Chief video series, visors, armor attachments, copyright infringement, wall displays, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:


Whyyy Brad, am I nt on da show?? We all knoww I am much bettrr than you at this. People luv mee….

Ryan Lewis

Is it LIT, bro?

Danny Curry

Do you think anyone from the Impact Props crew will be coming to any California conventions (other than SDCC) in the future?


How can i be as handsome as you?


I’m just starting into making a costume and my costume requires a visor. I want to know if there’s a method to create one that looks professional?


If Ground Pound/Spartan Charge make a comeback in the next Halo game, do you think there would be an achievement requiring that you smash into a trashcan?

Hux Chambers

I’m trying to get started selling replica props on Etsy but I’m unsure about what the policies are when it comes to selling items affiliated with an existing IP without direct permission. Can you shed some light on the etiquette regarding copyright infringement?

Habiteer Workshop

What 3D printer was used for Impact Prop’s Rat King sidearm they made for the Destiny PAX Experience?

Nick Turner

What is the best masking tape for curved lines or other intricate lines?

Braeden Holmstrom

What level of intricacy in costumes/props would you recommend for a person new to the maker community?


Question 1: For Impact Props’ Master Chief armor, how were your the bicep shields attached? The velcro loop that I used slips down the arms.

Question 2: Also, I have decided to try weathering with an airbrush. Can you recommend a paint to begin practicing with?

Dillon Hollingsworth

Brad, does it bother you that you’re not in the College Gameday commercials anymore?


I want to display the stuff I’ve made in a cool way (like that wall behind Bill!) but not put a bunch of holes in a wall. Recommendations? On the topic of halo… I have a master chief motorcycle helmet! (DOT approved, safety first)


For 3D Prints, do you use XTC 3D and if not, what’s your alternative go-to product for coating?


I’m really small and find that most common armor-making materials look extra bulky on me. Do you have any recommendations for thinner but still sturdy(ish) armor? Thank you!