This week’s Q&A guest is Rocketman Props! Bill and Mike answer questions about shipping, avoiding bubbles in resin, favorite silicones, cleaning up 3D prints, hacker spaces, laser cutters, and more!

Rocketman Props

Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Do you and Brit do anything cool for Halloween?

Mike, on a scale of one to ten, how much do you hate international shipping?

Is a pressure pot required for casting with non clear resins such as Smooth Cast 300?

Do you guys like 3D sculpting for a 3D print or sculpting by hand? How do you decide which method to use?

GoDoG’s Creations
For making a mold for a resin cast, what kind of rubber is best and most cost effective?
Also, when trimming up flashing, is there a simple fix if you sand off too much in an area or accidentally scratch an area you need to be smooth?

Sam – Bio Cosplay
Which Destiny faction is the best and why is it Future War Cult?

I have been working on the cyberninja hanzo bow from overwatch. I have printed most of it and I want to mold and cast it. The problem is the print doesn’t have a smooth surface. How can I mold the bow if the surface has printer patterns and is porous?

What’s it like working in a shared hack space?

Question 1: Do either of you have a sticker if so where would you recommend getting them?
Question 2: Are you going to twitchcon and will you sign a post processed 3d print of mine?
Quesiton 3: Do you know Jatmn?

Doublebomb (Brian)
What is a good laser wattage (or specific laser) to get started with? The eventual plan is to get something large down the line but something to do small stuff like decals and thin acrylics to start would be great.

What Material would you make thin knives, like Drax the destroyer’s knives out of?

What materials do you like working with the least?

Mike, is your hack space area covered in glitter powders?