Bill, from Punished Props, answers questions about halloween store supplies for cosplay, Nerf gun painting, assembling 3D printed armor pieces, chrome finishes, and more!


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Modding and Painting a Nerf Blasters with Evil Ted Smith

Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

For the Q&A show, is there a list of questions for each episode somewhere? I don’t want to ask something that you’ve answered thousands of times before. A way to search previous questions and find the episode you answered it in would be cool.

Hey Bill, have you thought of making a Blade Runner pistol? If you have or have not done so, do you think you would build one?

Hey Bill! My GF and I will be visiting Seattle next week for a few days and we were wondering if there was anything you would recommend we see or do before leaving? Thanks!

Zonbi recently did a video that included getting a cheap(-ish) Pip Boy from the Spirit Halloween store. In addition to that, I picked up a big thing of liquid latex. What else do you guys go to this store and pick up?

The EVA foam I have is really flexible. What do you suggest using to make foam more rigid?

Emerald Cosplay
For Nerf guns, what did you use as a base coat before painting the plastic? When I tried to paint my Nerf gun, the paint looked really bad.

What primer/ filler did you use to paint your nerf mods?

For Nerf guns, how do you keep paint from scraping off of moving parts?

Bill I’m going to go as Rick for the Comic Con here in Brazil, you have any tips on how to dye my hair light blue?

Do you know of an alternative to plastidip? It’s have to find in Australia and when I can it’s very expensive.

Kyle @psyborg_factory
Have you ever tried, or have you ever done a build that needed a “chrome” finish on foam?

Harrison H
Any tips for keeping up costume making while in a college dorm? Limited space, etc.

I am 3D modeling and printing some chest and back armor. This is the largest and most complicated thing I have ever printed. Any general advice for 3D printing and working on large pieces of armor?

GoDoG’s Creations
Have you ever done any resin molding? I plan on trying it soon to make an NCR Ranger helmet from Fallout NV. Advice?

My brother wants to make a full blown set of t-45 Power Armor from fallout 3 completely on his own. I’ve lent him my Foamsmith Armor book and I’ve even sent him a playlist of yours and Evil Ted’s foam videos to help him, but he’s too intimidated by the whole process. Do you have any advice for him?

What is a “random” cosplay making thing that you didn’t realize until you actually attempted? (For example: how physically demanding sanding can be, how mentally taxing certain cosplay wearing can be, how tiring cons might be, that sort of thing)

How would you approach re-painting foam armor? I want to repaint an old costume that I painted with spray paint but I’m not sure if I could just spray over the whole thing again?

I’m making a very large mascot style head for a cosplay (ratchet and clank). Trying to battle the weight, do you think it would be lighter to have a 3d printed shell for the head, or make a mold and cast the head out of expanding foam, hollowing it out afterwards? Wanting to mount the head to a helmet on the inside.