We’re back from DragonCon! We’re getting our schedule back on track, gathering submitted questions from the last few weeks. Bill answers questions about adhesives, metallic finishes, 3D Printer kits, airbrushes, 3D modeling helmets, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Do you have tips to glue a rigid part to foam securely? I’m having trouble with sheet metal details peeling up. What glue do you think would last the longest so it doesn’t have to be repaired as often?

Question 1: What kind of different effects do you get when you use rub-n-buff vs metallic spray paint?
Question 2: Can you recommend any alternatives to Plasti-Paste II for making a mold jacket?

Hollywood’s Rose
I’m thinking about buying and building the Ultimaker Original+ Wood 3D Printer Kit. I was curious if you had any tips or advice on building any 3D printer based on your experience with the A8?

Do you have any experience with cool suits, ice packs or sweat guards to handle heat while in costume? What are your thoughts on these products?

My latest brush on mold ended up too thin and has small holes in it. I tried my best to fix it, but now the silicone mold won’t fit the jacket mold anymore. My original was in clay and was destroyed when I demolded.
Is there a way to save my mold without sculpting it all again?

How would you make an oversized helmet that doesn’t rest on the shoulders? Would you make a smaller helmet inside the jumbo one?

What would you use to make a welded look? I was thinking of using hot glue to make the weld bead for a dieselpunk set of armor.

Foundry 13
How would you go about adding a diamond texture to eva foam armor? I’m making parts of the Optimacy armor set from Destiny 2 and I wasn’t sure if I should freehand it or press a template into the heated foam.

What Airbrush Needle size would you suggest for someone painting and weathering props (Foam)?

Spartan Bricks
I bought some Winsor & Newton oil paints, but I didn’t realize that they were not water mixable oil paints. Do you think I’ll still be able to use them? Sorry, I’ve never used oil based paints before so I’m pretty much clueless. 😛

Volstagg The Cannibal
What is the best way to reinforce the edge of a cast mask that is a little too thin? Cast out of Smooth-On onyx resin.

I’m trying to model 3D helmets but I’m having a problem wrapping my mind around some of the curves. Example: a Destiny Titan Helmet. Do you have any resources that could help? I have started using Fusion 360.

Did you make a video of yourself getting rid of the beard?

I’m having problems with warping on my 3d prints. How do you fill gaps between parts caused by warping? I’ve recently had to scrap a few builds because the material i used didn’t come out right or downright ruined the project.

I am making a Talon skin Widowmaker cosplay, I’ve made these leg pads for her outfit with holes in them, but they have a black edge around them that I am unsure how I should replicate. What would you recommend?

What is the best method for making foam armor rigid to hold it’s form? I’m using glue and a heat gun, but I after two days it starts losing its form.