Bill and Britt, from Punished Props, answer questions about their Anet A8 Printer kit, bubbles in silicone, clear coating metallic finishes, costume weathering, and more!


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Questions from the Show:

Tasmanian Nerd
You have used tools like a meat tenderizer to make a pattern in heated foam. Could you make a 3D printed roller to press a regular pattern, like leaf mail, into heated foam? Would the temperature of the foam compromise any detail in the 3D print?

Audric Arneault
How would one go about making a sword about an inch thick and 5ft long? I feel like foam even with a steel rod would be too flimsy and my local con doesn’t allow wooden weapons.

Skillshot Design
I recently saw a youtube comment that suggested running a palm sander near a recently poured silicone mold to help remove the air bubbles. This sounds like a neat idea, but do you think that would help?

Battle Born Props
If you spray paint plastic dip or latex, will it remain flexible?

I’m starting to plan my first build. I want to make a mech suit to ultimately trick-or-treat with my baby attached to me in the front. I’m thinking floor mats for the material, but would they work for a large build like this, and do you have any advice for building large costumes?

Hollywood’s Rose Prop and Costumes
With my foam costumes, I typically use silver acrylic paint in order to get it to look like metal, however I’m working on a larger costume where a brush/airbrush isn’t practical. I got some Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint, but when I try and seal the paint before weathering, it dulls the color and just looks gray. I’m using a spray varnish to seal it. What other options do I have to keep the paint shiny?

What anet upgrade has made the biggest improvements for your prints so far?

Question 1:
I have recently gotten into World of Warcraft and absolutely love the look of the Lich King. How would you go about making his armor?
Question 2:
I want to make my friends their favorite World of Warcraft weapons. What would be the best way to make a bow or staff?

Gary Miller
I was wondering what methodologies you go through when looking at making internals for large props to give the prop structure, but also to make it light. My current venture is a 5ft sword, but it has holes near the hilt which means running a dowel down the centre is a no-go.

Patrick Pepin
I’ve noticed some youtube crafters forgo respirators when using things such as Barge while they are filming for video clips. I understand that it is so they are able to talk to the audience. So my question, is have you ever considered using a microphone designed to be used inside a respirator such as this?

For the Anet, have you tried different brands of filament yet and do you see any difference in quality of prints?

I’m making a headdress for burning man and I’m concerned about the heat on my foam. Any ideas on making sure it doesn’t become too deformed or making it more rigid?

When I glue layers of Eva together to make it thicker, I have trouble getting rid of the seams, even with Kwik-Seal.

Shawn Mitten
What kind of glue would be best for gluing EVA Foam to fabric? Also what is the best way to give a piece of fabric for your cosplay a sun-bleached look.

What’s your opinion on these 2 methods: Dry brushing silver paint to simulate little scratches or laying down a layer of silver and then hairspray then colour then scuffing and rubbing the colour off to expose the silver underneath?

Do you plan to try abs on the anet? I recently got abs to be good with the combination of abs slurry on the heated bed and a diy enclosure made of 5 pieces of floor mat foam.