On this Punished Props Q&A, Bill answers questions about pepakura, belt sander grits, resin for gems, video editing, Bill’s creative backstory, airbrush basics, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

I am currently building a Light Beyond Nemesis helmet using 6mm EVA foam and Pepakura. The problem is, as hard as I try, I have the lines from joined parts. Basically it looks blocky and lumpy, do you have any videos or suggestions to get rid of them?

What grit sand paper would you recommend for removing texture on floor mats and to shape foam? I’ve had moderate success with 120 on a sanding wheel attached to my lathe.

Magically Dunn Creations
Have you seen the BondicEVO Liquid Plastic Welder tool on kickstarter? When exposed to a UV light, the liquid is transformed into hard plastic in just 4 seconds. I backed it and I’m going to try it on some foam and see if it creates a weld on foam as good as contact cement.

I’m making Rapunzel’s crown from Tangled. I can’t find appropriately sized gems. They are supposed to be 3.25″ tall, teardrop shaped crystals. I’ve resigned to sculpting it and molding, however I can’t decide on a resin that will suit the color I need. Do you have a recommendation for what resin to use? I don’t have a pressure pot.

Sean Murphy
Have you ever used Plastic Wood from DAP as a replacement for Bondo, especially in 3D printing?

Tasmanian Nerd
I’m interested in the software you run to record and edit your videos. You go above and beyond “press record and upload” and the quality shows in your YouTube videos. Would it be too meta to do a show on how you record and edit your shows?

Alexander Nelson
I’ve built a 40K Techpriest for wearing in a LARP, and the need to run about the countryside and get whaled on with foam chainswords occasionally adds a couple of different requirements.
Since I’m looking at possible future costumes, what would you recommend as the most durable option to varnish / coat the paint to protect against heavy wear and tear?

kristy from kpodcosplay
What’s your backstory? How did you discover your love of fabrication?

Otherworld Cosplay
How do you solve issues with helmet sizing? IE too big or too small.

Mr. Button
What Classes did you take at SUNY Alfred? Have you been back to the campus since then?

Jeffrey Derouso
What 3D printing material is your favorite? What glue/finishing bondo do you do you recommend for 3D prints?

What’s a good airbrush to get as a beginner?

Edward B
I’m making a Viviene cosplay from Witcher 3 for my GF. Her bird form has two kinds of feathers; dark green contour feathers, that I’m making out of 2mm foam, and yellow down feathers, which I’m not sure what to make from. It needs to be thinner than the contour feathers and real feathers have been too fragile to work. I thought about using fabric dipped in latex, but I was wondering if you had any ideas?

Chrysostom cosplay
Any tips for layering paint? I keep getting fingerprints. I’ve tried an airbrush and rattle cans. Is it a humidity thing? I live in Alabama 🙁

After priming a prop do you start the detail painting while the primer is still a bit tacky or wait for it to fully harden? What painting workflow works best for you?

alex swavely
What’s your opinion on dollar tree foam board for prop making?

What program do you recommend for start to finish 3d modeling- straight to the printer?

How difficult would it be to scale a faceplate or mask to your face and attach to a helmet made of sintra?

What is the best way to create a joint between two foam pieces? Such as a thigh and shin piece.

I’ve been working on sculpting Heimdall’s daggers from Thor: The Dark World. I ended up making the daggers from Free Form Air and then weaving craft foam to make all the details…but now I’m not sure how to prime/seal the entire piece. Suggestions?

Have you ever used Poly Latex 60 for slip casting? If so, do you have a recommended dilution ratio, if different than for coating foam? I am start to experiment with applying slip cast latex appliances onto the surfaces of foam as a part of the sealing process.