Bill and Ted are on another adventure! Punished Props and Evil Ted Smith helps answer questions about protecting insulation foam props, EVA Foam carving, favorite prop builds, beginner maker information, sanding tools for cleaning up edges, glowing lassos, and more!


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Evil Ted Smith

Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

If you were just getting into EVA foam prop/armor making, and could only afford one at first, would you get an airbrush, or a critter gun? Note: I already have a decent sized shop compressor. If the answer is airbrush, what entry level airbrush would you recommend?

Matthew Bromley
How big of a space do I need to start prop crafting?

Kristy from kpodcosplay
In your opinion, what is the best primer to use for an Insulation Foam prop? I’m working on Heimdall’s daggers from Thor: The Dark World. They are sculpted from XPS Foam but still need sealing, sanding, and priming.

Cody Hilliard
What spray can clear coats, other than 2k urethane, provide a very durable and glossy finish? This is for use over wicked colors, and Tamiya airbrushed paints.

What tool or technique you do use to carve into foam, like indents and other details into armor?

I am going to make a sword for a Mickey Mouse suit of armor for my son for Halloween. I want to make a Pluto head for the hilt of the sword. Would the pink insulation foam be strong enough if I sculpted it and sealed it? Or do I try to make it out of eva foam? Or do I try to sculpt and cast it?

Emerald Cosplay
If you had to pick a favorite prop out of all of the ones you have built, which one would you choose?

What would be your number one piece of advice for a beginner prop maker who wants to someday make it into a career?

Bill, I recently rewatched your Risty Mace & Shield build videos and was astonished at how little foam you used. I was wondering, now that you have four more years of experience, is there anything you would have done differently?

Artcore Cosplay
Do you have a dream project that you would really like to make some day if you had the time and resources?

For someone who’s a total beginner: Where would you recommend someone start? Are there resources online?

Mark Meza
What’s the best Airbrush psi to use when painting a prop, and what is the best application painting method? Ex. a daft punk helmet

zebra and donkey
Ted, will you only be in Stuttgart for comic con or are you headed anywhere else? Berlin?

Is there a way to selectively cold cast on a sword mold? I’m making Chrom’s Falchion from Fire Emblem and it has a regular metallic silver blade with metallic gold down the middle of each side and the hilt. Do I have to cold cast the silver and paint the gold(or vise versa)?

Question 1: Bill, will you bring Ted onto TMS with you one day?
Question 2: Is a thickening agent necessary when doing a brush on mold?

Cody dickinson
Question 1: What grit of sandpaper should I go up to when beveling the edges on my foam armor?
Question 2: I’m making a Mr freeze cosplay and I need to mount the armor on a jumpsuit. I’m currently using snaps and Velcro. Is there any other way you prefer to attach armor to a jumpsuit

Deanna Kehler
If I ordered a light rope, Is there a way I could make the light reflect within the string itself to attempt to create the effect if the string being filled with light? I am trying to re-create the lasso of Truth in the recent Wonder Woman release.

Are you planning on doing any more Overwatch builds as video tutorials?

Foundry 13
My friend wants to cosplay Brienne of Tarth for a convention in November, but she has never made armor before and is nervous. I would help but I’m across the country. What encouragement/advice would you suggest?

I’m trying out Inkscape. I’ve seen your hand cannon video using Inkscape, but I just can’t figure out the program. Where else can I find info on how to use Inkscape?