Punished Props is joined by Jackie Craft Cosplay this week! Bill and Jackie answer questions about embroidery, gradient painting, stencils, scaling weapons, affordable buckles, Dragon Skin, carving details, molding, servos, and more!

Jackie Craft Cosplay

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Questions from the Show:

Nick at Modulus Props
Do you have any good techniques for fake embroidery? I’ve seen people use fabric paint or applique. I can handle light sewing, but actual hand embroidery would take me a million years.

I’m trying to improve my painting skills and have tried some of the techniques in Kamui’s Cosplay Painting book with mixed results. What tricks can you suggest for a painting noob to get decent results? The blue gradients and shadows on Jackie’s Dredge and King Varian costumes are amazing. How much difference does skill versus brush type versus paint quality make?

What do you use to find good textures for under suits? I’m currently looking for a mass effect one.

I recently got my first commission to make Widowmaker’s armor and rifle, and I was wondering if you have some advice on the best way to figure out the correct length of the rifle in order to make it proportional to the cosplayer? I know there’s the method using a yardstick and Photoshop that you cover in your book, but are there any other tips or secrets you have for that?

Shawna (LovelyAnemone)
What’s a good place to get nylon webbing & buckles for strapping on armor? The big craft stores can be expensive.

Sam – Bio Cosplay
Do you make a mistake on something you’ve been working on on your livestream, but just roll with it and pretend everything is fine because everyone is watching?

For Jackie! I would love to hear about how you made the shell bra.

Do you have any experience with HCF Multi-Purpose Acrylic Coating for sealing foam?

Do you have a project that haunts you? Like a multiple year, Moby Dick sort of project that haunts you?

First time foam builder and i’m building mjolnir from Thor The Dark World from eva foam. How would you suggest doing the intricate celtic knotwork on the sides of the hammer?

If you’re making multiples of the same sword as a safe prop would you make them all out of foam with some kind of core or would you mold and cast them so they maintain some similarity? I thought about using MDF then covering in foam but not sure how safe this would be.

Mithrilneth Cosplay
I am working on a Meredith (Dragon Age 2) cosplay. The costume includes scale maille. I have decided to use anodized aluminium scales as they are super light-weight. I was wondering if you had any tips for weathering aluminium to make it look more like iron?

I would like to raise and lower a small satellite dish, and possibly some antennas, from a communications backpack. What would be the best way to go about this or whats some good reference material to learn how to do it?

When making a 2 part mother mold from Plasti-paste, what releasing agent do you use to separate the two halves?

Kagar Props
Jackie, how do you do King Valerian’s scars? Have you ever tried Rigid Collodium? Bill, have you done any makeup or special effects?

How do you decide where to separate your guns for mold making? I noticed for your Rey blaster, you separated it into several pieces. What are the benefits of this? I’m planning on making a pile of Reaper’s shotguns from Overwatch, since he seems to have an infinite supply, but I’m not sure how/if I should separate the gun into a few pieces before mold making.

What model filter do you use when sanding foam and painting? Not sure which 3M model is best.