Prop Live Podcast 9/19/18 – Bill’s Life Before Punished Props

Bill reminisces about his life before Punished Props and the various jobs and hobbies he had while answering some fantastic questions from the PropTarts.

I Made this in 4 HOURS! – Sea of Thieves Prop Lantern Tutorial

Ahoy matey! In this video Bill shows you how he built a working Sea of Thieves pirate lantern using just plastic, EVA foam, and some LEDs. This great little project was built from scratch in just 4 hours!

Sea of Thieves PIRATE HATS! – Quick & Cheap EVA Foam Cosplay Tutorial

Foam pirate hats from Sea of Thieves are quick, fun, and easy to make. Check out this video to see how you too can scour the seas in the best of pirate fashion!

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