No Paint, Just DIRT! – Weathering the Bladerunner Blaster

Bill gets creative with weathering the second copy of his Bladerunner blaster; In order to get a realistic, “worn” look, he skips the paint entirely and goes for a bucket of mud!

Prop Live Podcast 9/19/18 – Bill’s Life Before Punished Props

Bill reminisces about his life before Punished Props and the various jobs and hobbies he had while answering some fantastic questions from the PropTarts.

I Made this in 4 HOURS! – Sea of Thieves Prop Lantern Tutorial

Ahoy matey! In this video Bill shows you how he built a working Sea of Thieves pirate lantern using just plastic, EVA foam, and some LEDs. This great little project was built from scratch in just 4 hours!

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