HOW TO animate a prop with a motor – Venom Symbiote

Puppeting the venom symbiote is fun, but it’s even MORE fun to automate the prop with motors and motion sensors! Bill shows you how to achieve an awesome, hands-free movement effect. 

Prop Live Podcast 10/11/2018 – Tools Every Maker Should Own

Bill & Britt sit down to talk about some of the most useful tools they’ve encountered over the years and share some recommendations for your own collection!

ACES Astronaut Helmet Visor for Adam Savage – Vacuum Forming Tutorial

When a Mythbuster issues you a challenge, you rise to the occasion! Adam Savage needed a pair of visors for his ACES space suit costume for his NYCC 2018 incognito costume. Bill and Britt got to work using their brand new vacuum forming machine.

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