How to Make a DUCT TAPE DUMMY – Tutorial with Evan & Katelyn

Our buddies Evan and Katelyn want to take on some more costume oriented projects, so to help them out, we made Katelyn a duct tape dummy to make pattern creation easier!

Sci-Fi RIOT SHIELD Prop – Tutorial with Evan & Katelyn

Not only did we help our pals Evan & Katelyn modify their epic water blaster, we also made a totally legit riot shield out of acrylic, steel, and vinyl.

Prop Live Podcast – Being a Convention Guest 8/8/18

Bill & Britt sit down to chat about their experiences attending conventions as professional guests: the pros, the cons, and things to know!

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Learn to make props and costumes from EVA foam.

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Learn how to make props and costumes from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

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