EPIC PROP WALL! How to Display Your Props

The challenge: hang a bunch of props from a wall without attaching anything directly to the wall. Bill & Britt team up to create an epic prop display!

Costume Lights! – VRtist Jazza Collab – Part 3

The Jazza VRtist costume now has lights! Check out how we made parts of our EVA Foam armor cosplay glow with LEDs.

Prop: Live – Q&A with JusCosplay – 6/6/2018

JusCosplay joins Punished Props for this episode of Prop: Live Q&A! Bill and Justin talk about mannequins, straps for large shoulders, shoe covers, flying with large costumes, armor finishes, scaling Pepakura armor, and more!

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Learn to make props and costumes from EVA foam.

Skyrim Tutorials

Learn how to make props and costumes from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

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Recent Videos

3D Printing a Samus Metroid Helmet – Zortrax M300

Zortax sent us their M300 3D Printer and a pile of filament to create a project. Our family and cosplay counterparts, Jaimi and Rob, were crafting a Samus costume from the Metroid video games and wanted to 3D print the helmet. What a great way to try out the large build volume of the M300 and make an awesome cosplay helmet!

How to Use a Laser Cutter – Basics Tutorial

A laser cutter is an invaluable tool for any shop, especially our prop and costume making workshop. Bill goes over the basic techniques needed to cut out a variety of materials like EVA foam, wood, and plastics on a hobby sized laser cutter.

Prop: Live – Q&A with Henchmen Studios – 3/15/2018

This week, Henchmen Studios joins us on Prop: Live Q&A! Bill and Jordan talk about costume builds, back harnesses, hiring employees, repairing cold cast resin, favorite paints, 3D printed armor reinforcement, and more!

Finishing my Adam Savage Collaboration! Painting the Foam Ringwraith Gauntlet

During a recent trip to San Francisco to film some projects with Tested, Bill got to visit Adam Savage’s workshop and team up with the Mythbuster himself for an epic one day build! The duo made a replica of the Nazgul gauntlet using EVA foam. In this video, Bill makes another gauntlet and then paints them all to look like real metal.