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Hello there foamsmiths! Have you made something super rad using the techniques you learned in the Foamsmith Trilogy? How would you like the chance to show off your amazing prop and armor creations right here in our Foamsmith Gallery?

More prop and costume making goodness.

She-Ra Costume Build

Build and write-up by Brittany Doran. Hey guys, its Britt! Here’s how I made my EVA foam armor She-Ra cosplay! I grew up watching She-Ra cartoons and I always loved the character. Lately, I’ve seen some amazing Wonder Woman costumes where the cosplayers add awesome armor pieces. I was inspired by this to make a battle armor version of She-Ra. After gathering reference images, I sketched out some ideas. Bill helped me make a bracer template from my forearm. We wrapped my arm in plastic wrap, then added duct tape. After marking where the seam lines should go, Bill cut the template off my arm. I then laid the template on a cutting mat and took a picture to use in Inkscape. I created a vector file and printed it out on normal paper to check the scale on my arm. My original plan was to hand cut some detail into the forearm pieces. You can get detail lines in foam by lightly cutting the surface with an X-ACTO knife and then heating it with a heat gun. However… Around this time, Bill finally got a laser cutter!!! There are many materials that can’t, or shouldn’t, be laser cut, but EVA foam can! (As long as you have the proper ventilation.) We did some small tests and discovered the right speed and only used 1% power to engrave 3mm craft foam. Inspired by this useful tool, I drew a vector of Swift Wind for the bracers. Even at 1% power, the engraving almost went all the way through the 3mm craft foam. I brushed Barge onto thin, non-stretchy cloth and the backs of...

Beat Down Boogie at ECCC!

Thanks to your support, Beat Down Boogie is coming to Emerald City Comicon! If you’re going to ECCC, keep an eye out for Micah, Brian, and Matt to be a part of the magic these guys are going to be creating! We had a bunch of generous folks chip in to help cover the travel expenses and Punished Props is covering the rest of the bill! The GoFundMe campaign is still live, so feel free to chip in a bit if you’d still like to help shoulder the burden....

L200 Foam: Top Quality Costume Armor Material

We all love our EVA foam floor mats and craft foam. They’re readily available at hardware and craft stores, they’re cheap, and they’re easy to work with. Sometimes, however, we might want something a little bit more refined. That’s where L200 foam comes in! L200 is a type of EVA foam that is more raw than our craft sheets and floor mats. The great news? You can now order it online from Amazon in large, uncut rolls! You do end up paying a bit more for this handy material, but there are many advantages: L200 doesn’t have any texture on either side, no need for removing it. In my opinion, this is the biggest advantage over floor mats. L200 comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors. 1″, 3/4″, 1/2″, 1/4″, and 1/8″ Black or white The sheets are gigantic (48″ x 72″) This is amazingly helpful if you’re building large/long armor or prop pieces. Some other considerations: Unless you live near a distributor, you’ll have to get it shipped, which means additional cost and waiting for delivery. It is slightly more flexible than most EVA floor mats and craft foam sheets. The rolls are gigantic, you’ll need a place to store it while you build. Will L200 replace my coveted floor mats? Not completely. I bought a 1/2″ and a 1/4″ roll for my Destiny Titan Armor costume to try it out and I like it very much. I will probably buy a big stock of it for whenever I’m planning a big armor build and rely on locally sourced mats and sheets for my normal day to day use....