Foamsmith Creator Gallery

Enter your creations, get stickers!

Hello there foamsmiths! Have you made something super rad using the techniques you learned in the Foamsmith Trilogy? How would you like the chance to show off your amazing prop and armor creations right here in our Foamsmith Gallery?

More prop and costume making goodness.

L200 Foam: Top Quality Costume Armor Material

We all love our EVA foam floor mats and craft foam. They’re readily available at hardware and craft stores, they’re cheap, and they’re easy to work with. Sometimes, however, we might want something a little bit more refined. That’s where L200...

Portal 2: Wheatley – 2011 Build

Build and write-up by Brittany Doran. 2011 was a huge year for Bill and I. Living in Seattle, we would go to PAX Prime each year. In 2011, PAX was a week before Labor Day, so the convention didn’t overlap with DragonCon! We decided to hit up both...

Skyrim Guard Shield Coasters

This holiday season, I decided I wanted to come up with a neat gift idea. I also wanted to make something tiny with my new laser cutter. During a car ride conversation with my shop mate Will, we brainstormed the idea to make little drink coasters that looked like the...