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Recent Videos

Prop: Live – Q&A with Modulus Props – 6/8/2017

Modulus Props is this week’s guest! Bill and Nick answer questions about clay sculpting techniques, molds for monster clay, compressors, liquid neoprene applications, body fillers, crafting materials that are a pain to clean up, and more!

Prop: Live – Q&A with Bill and Britt – 6/1/2017

Prop and Costume Q&A with the Punished Props team! Bill and Britt answer questions about steel wool, monster clay, handle wraps, metallic finishes, crafting foam helmets, favorite dinosaurs, and more!

How To – Make ANY PROP or COSTUME! 500+ Free Tutorials

With over 500 free prop and costume tutorial videos, we have everything you need to know to get started on your next project. In this video, Bill breaks down some of the need to watch videos and playlists that will get you going on your prop and costume making in no time flat!

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