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Recent Videos

Prop: Live – Q&A with KnowOne’s Designs – 4/6/2017

Garrick, from KnowOne’s Designs, answer questions about Cosplay Melee and helps Bill answer questions about gluing fabric to foam, business names, sword scabbards, printing filament, building wings, EVA foam crafting tools, templating, and more!

Prop: Live – Q&A with Bill – 3/30/2017

Bill is hyped about the new Destiny 2 trailer, and is excited for his upcoming trip to Star Wars Celebration! The community submitted great prop and costume questions that cover a range of topics, like video editing, small apartment dust management, adding helmet horns, the planning process for a large prop build, clear casting, 3D Printing tips, and more!

Sci-Fi Foam Bracer – Prop: Live from the Shop

Britt is designing her own Smuggler-type Star Wars universe character. One of the arms will have a bracer with fun button-type attachments and a guide light. Using only a scrap of EVA foam floor mat, Britt cuts out all the pieces for the gauntlet design, then adds a flashlight and straps.

123 Blocks for Prop and Costume Making

Bill frequently gets questions about the metal blocks that he uses in his prop and costume making videos. What are they? 123 Blocks of course! In this video Bill shows some useful tips for using these handy tools on your projects. Also: Bench cookies!

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