Foamsmith Creator Gallery

Enter your creations, get stickers!

Hello there foamsmiths! Have you made something super rad using the techniques you learned in the Foamsmith Trilogy? How would you like the chance to show off your amazing prop and armor creations right here in our Foamsmith Gallery?

More prop and costume making goodness.

Pepakura for Cosplay

Pepakura Designer is a computer program that takes a 3D model and “unwraps” the surface onto a flat sheet. The 2D sheet creates little tabs, or flaps, and adds numbers to the flaps. You print out the sheet on paper, cut out the pieces, then match the...

She-Ra Costume Build

Build and write-up by Brittany Doran. Hey guys, its Britt! Here’s how I made my EVA foam armor She-Ra cosplay! I grew up watching She-Ra cartoons and I always loved the character. Lately, I’ve seen some amazing Wonder Woman costumes where the cosplayers...

Beat Down Boogie at ECCC!

Thanks to your support, Beat Down Boogie is coming to Emerald City Comicon! If you’re going to ECCC, keep an eye out for Micah, Brian, and Matt to be a part of the magic these guys are going to be creating! We had a bunch of generous folks chip in to help cover...