Over the years I’ve put together some video tutorials that have free blueprints and template associated with them. All of those free files are now in one place, this page! Feel free to download and use them to make your own prop and cosplay creations. If you do use them, do me a huge favor and tell your friends where you got them and share the tutorial videos. Thanks!


Rey’s NN-14 Blaster from Star Wars the Force Awakens. Free PDF blueprints hereVideo tutorial here.


Destiny Hunter Knife. PDF blueprint files. Foam video tutorial.


Skyrim Steel Armor PDF blueprint files. Tutorial Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Wolverine Claws PDF Blueprint | Build Video


Destiny Hand Cannon blueprint. PDF blueprint files. Foam tutorial video.


Skyrim Wuuthrad Axe PDF blueprint files. Foam video tutorial.


Rise of Iron Hand Cannon PDF Blueprint | Build Video