Foamsmith Creator Gallery

Enter your creations, get stickers!

Hello there foamsmiths! Have you made something super rad using the techniques you learned in the Foamsmith Trilogy? How would you like the chance to show off your amazing prop and armor creations right here in our Foamsmith Gallery?

More prop and costume making goodness.

How to Become a Professional Prop & Costume Maker

You want to make props and costumes for a living, do ya? Every single day I get a message from one of you wonderful fans, asking how to turn your prop or costume making hobby into a career. Enough of you desire to know the secret to turning your crafting hobby into a...

8 Past Costumes

Recently a bunch of cosplayers were posting these neat spreads of their old costumes. I figured I could do one better and post the tutorial content for each costume along with the images! Check the list below for how-to content on each of these costumes! She-Ra Mass...