3D Printing Props and Costumes

Punished Props is learning modeling for 3D Printing. Follow along with our videos and create your own models–it just takes practice! We take the printed pieces even further by cleaning them up and even molding and casting copies.

Our current 3D printer is the Dremel Idea Builder. It’s a “plug and play” reliable workhorse that uses PLA filament. The Idea Builder’s built-in printing software is limited, so we invested in is Simplify3D, which has improved our print quality greatly.

We encourage everyone to try modeling their own prints. Once you learn how to model, you can print anything you want! Here’s a list of modeling programs below. If you’ve never modeled before, we recommend learning 123D Design, which keeps things simple, but is also limited. We’re currently learning 123D Design’s big brother; Fusion 360, which is awesome!

3D Modeling Programs

Adding a Robot Shell to My 3D Printed Glove Skeleton

You read that right. Last week I 3D printed a flexible glove platform and this week I made aesthetic shell pieces to cover up the finger parts. These pieces were modeled in Fusion 360 and printed on the Sigma 3D printer. In this video I show how I finished and assembled those parts.

Prop: 3D Season 2 Wrap Up and FAQ

Our second installment of dedicated 3D printing videos are done and we certainly had a lot of fun. Here’s some chatter about the season, some of your questions, and what’s in store for season 3!

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