The Punished Props team answers this week’s prop and cosplay questions! Bill and Britt talk about BlizzCon, Latex versus Neoprene, 3D Printer slicing programs, Epoxy on XPS Foam, future business plans, and more!


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Questions from the Show:

Foundry 13

How does neoprene compare to latex with regards to durability? Iff there is a difference in durability how much, or in what ways?


What classes are you both in destiny?

James (icychilz)

What slicing software do you use for 3d printing props and what would you recommend?

Lisa in Orlando

Do you have any tips on maintaining symmetry in a complex design when sculpting foam? For example, when sculpting a decorative element like a fleur de lis on a piece of armor, that needs to have left & right symmetry.

JAKs Props

What would you recommend as a Good starter 3D Printer for new users ?


When painting 3d prints after prep, what are your favorite airbrush paints to use?


Hey guys! I’ve been using Rebound 25 and Moldmax 30 for a while, but found Bill using Mold Star 20T for a project a while back. Seeing as I don’t have a vaccuum tank (and i’m really impatient..) this seems nice (read: awesome), but I’m having problems finding a real pro/con list? I’d love to hear your view on when to use what.


Question 1: Last week people were asking about wall mounting props without damaging the wall, have you ever thought of utilising your 3D printer to make the perfect bracket?

Question 2: I’m planning on making a gnome stick (from TURBO KID must watch if you haven’t seen it) I plan on sculpting the gnome out of sponge. What would be the best way to go about that?


Will you be buying the new Prusa i3 Mk3?

Shedquarter Creations

Have you guys seen anyone use XTC 3D to strengthen and protect XPS foam? I guess if wouldn’t react bad like epoxy.


Are there plans in the works to hold another in-person, foamsmithing class?


Making some bracers for Halloween and I’ve painted them and I don’t know what to use to seal the paint job. I’ve seen where you use spray lacquer, but i was hoping to know what brand you use, or if that matters, I just don’t want it to behave like spray paint, crack and then frak everything up.