Dana and Courtney, from Egg Sisters Cosplay, help answer questions about costume stilts, horns, vacuum forming 3D prints, latex colorants, keeping work spaces clean, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the show:

Your stilts for Amelia look awesome! Was it challenging assembling Chaos Costumes’ Creature Feet kit? Also, were the stilts fun to wear? 🙂

Fearless Facade
I’m currently making a mask of the Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth. How would you go about making his horns? I want to mold and cast them but they are a strange shape and look like a nightmare!

Sam – Bio Cosplay
Hey there, Omelet Siblings. Big fan of your work! Do each of you have aspects of crafting that you are more well-versed in or are you both proficient in all aspects of your crafting?

I know you usually make molds from your 3d printed bucks and vacuform on top of plaster castings, but I’m wondering if I can just clean up a print and vacuform straight from that? Is there a print material or some finishing technique I could use to make the 3d prints strong enough?

Billhelm Creations
What is the next new skill you are looking to master?

I just tried Poly Latex 60 and brushing on Rubber cement paint for the first time and it was a huge success. After we got back from the convention, I noticed that my sharpie lines were starting to come through the areas where there was just tinted latex, so I decided to try airbrushing with Rubber Cement paint.
I can’t get my mixture to come out of the airbrush consistently. The paint kind of spits out the airbrush and looks blotchy. When I add more naphtha to thin it out, I get a more consistent spray of naphtha coming out but the paint still comes out blotchy. Any combination I use of rubber, naphtha, and oil had similar results. Any advice? I’ve tried a different airbrush and had the same result.

Riley Lytwynec
I just printed, assembled, and smoothed out The Last Word hand cannon from Destiny. It has a lot of small nooks and crannies that need to be painted gold while the surrounding areas are black. What order should I paint the layers and how do you recommend I mask it off?

Crosswinds Cosplay
Question 1:
I’m working on Captain Cold’s Cold Gun, which is covered in small round “bolt heads”. I’m using PlastiDip spray to seal the gun but I don’t want the PlastiDip texture on the bolts. I’m using little domed self self-stick pearl gems as my bolt heads, but I’m open to other suggestions. Will I have trouble attaching the self-stick gems to the surface after coating it with PlastiDip or am I better off masking off the bolts, then sealing?
Question 2:
What suggestions do you have for attaching magnets to foam props?
I need to create a few removable covers on the Cold Gun I’m building to access the battery pack and LEDs.

Connor cosplay
What is your preferred type of material for costumes?

Question 1:
What’s your impression about Overwatch’s new character, Doomfist? Would you build him?
Question 2:
Do you have recommendations for how to mold Asuka’s cat helmet visor?

If you could make a tool, what would it be? (it can be anything, realistic or not)

How do you keep your work shop or work space clean and tidy? And what do you do with your EVA foam off cuts/scrap? I have buckets of off cuts and it seems a shame to throw it out.

Was reinhardt made from a pepakura template?