Punished Props is joined by Becka Noel for this week’s prop and costume Q&A! Bill and Becka answer questions about wigs, Cosplay Melee, thermoplastics like Worbla, work-life balance, storage, coating XPS insulation foam, avoiding overheating in costume, and more!


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Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Becka, your wigs looks so awesome! Do you have a favorite wig brand? Also, could you go over the process of how your style one of your wigs?
Also, how many kitties do you have and what are their names?

Becka, were there any tools or techniques you learned in the Cosplay Melee workshop that you’ve added to your prop-making arsenal?

Kristy from kpodcosplay
How does Worbla compare to Thibra? Which do you prefer?

I recently finished making the Lucky Raspberry chest piece from Destiny using interlocking foam mats. I’m a very tiny girl and it looks like I’m a little kid playing dress up with their parent’s clothes. Would using 1/4″ or 6mm foam for armor-making projects work just as well as the thicker foam mats when it comes to making proportions look right?

Any helpful tips on starting gauntlets from scratch with worbla? I got a Five Nights At Freddy’s cosplay suit I”m working on updating.

Lionheart Kosplay
I’m just getting started in mold making and had a quick question about gun barrels. Is it best to mold the master with a solid barrel and drill out the chamber on the casting, or is it possible for the mold to include the barrel chamber?

How much time is it between the design of a new costume until you have a finished costume?

Rocketman Props
Does Creature Cast Neoprene have the same edge peeling issue that latex does?

Magically Dunn Creations
How did you manage your time before you became a full-time prop maker and teacher? I find having a full-time job, college, gaming, and creating that time runs out very quickly.

I’m working on a project with lots of silicone molds. What is the best way to store and organize them afterwards?

Shedquarter Creations
Looking at making a prop from XPS foam and wondering what I should do to seal\harden it for molding. Body filler, or a Resin like XTC 3D? It’s more of a display prop–not something for a con.

Kristy from kpodcosplay
After sculpting a prop from Foamular (XPS brand), how do you seal, paint and finish the surface?

Any tips on keeping from getting too hot in a full foam costume?

I’m making World of Warcraft Tyrande and I have a question about her jewellery. I sculpted the chest piece using monster clay, made a brush on mould and casted it using Smooth-Cast 65D. It is really tricky and time consuming to “cast it” because it requires a lot of layers and hours of work. Do you have any ideas about another material I can use to make it? It has to be durable since the whole piece is really thin and delicate. I already tried Free Form Air but it is too fragile. Smooth Cast 65D is okay but is hard to clean final piece fast and properly without destroying some details.

What is your favourite material to make your props out of?

What’s the best way to thin acrylic based paints when using them in a gravity fed airbrush?

waffles, pancakes, or french toast?

Nazegoreng (naz)
Hi guys! I am making a Ratchet cosplay and want to make a Clank to wear as a backpack. I want to paint him with chrome paint and have him look super shiny. Do you think it would be better to make him out of foam, or mold and rotocast him? I do not have a 3d printer.