Modulus Props is this week’s guest! Bill and Nick answer questions about clay sculpting techniques, molds for monster clay, compressors, liquid neoprene applications, body fillers, crafting materials that are a pain to clean up, and more!


Modulus Props

Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Nick, when are you going to finish the Samurai Stormtrooper?!?

Fearless Facade
HUGE fan of Nick’s work. I would like to know if he is self taught in his mask sculpting?
His Monster Clay sculpts are the cleanest I’ve ever seen. Keep up the outstanding work. 🙂

Battleborn props
What tools would you recommend for sculpting monster clay?

I have a question about silicon molding monster clay. Can you mold directly on it? Do you need prep, coatings or special releases? Does it help to cool it so it is especially hard?

Brother mathias
Have you ever fabricated metal props?

I’ve recently struggled with making big props (big buster-sword-esque swords, aka, big and one-piece-looking) and making them disassemblable for easier transportation. What methods would you recommend to solve this kind of issue?

Billhelm Creations
I have been making a necromancer from warhammer called Nagash. Most of his body is covered with armor except his abdomen, that is a rotten flesh look. To make that I have gotten a corset and sculpted clay over it and molded the clay in plaster. My question is, to cast a silicone film into the mold do I need any special silicone or would the normal silicone I make molds out of be fine?

What’s the most annoying thing to clean up after doing a project?

Question 1:
How do you make the rotary tool’s sand paper drum fit snug to the rubber grip bit?
Question 2:
Do you use a normal air brush compressor for the critter gun? Also what PSI setting do you use?

I finally saved up about $500 for my first 3D printer! In your honest opinion what is the best 3D printer I can get for around that price? I want to use it to assist in my scratch builds but would also like the ability to fully print decent sized objects.

What kind of foam do you use and how do you seal it?

Could Nick talk about applying Creature Cast to foam? He gets a great finish with it!

Tentacle Grape Cosplay
What type of paint to do recommend for use with UreCoat? The plan is to recreate Yamuraiha’s mermaid boob shells because the product has some form of flex.

Magically Dunn Creations
I am working on a huge axe and it requires two layers of foam. I made one of the blades, but it has a very bad seam showing the joining of the layers. What would you suggest to fix the seam or prevent the seam in the first place?

I had a hard time dremeling down foam details for my Garon’s Bölverk axe. The details are so small that dremeling angles are hard to do without sanding your fingers or other parts of the foam when you don’t intend to. What would you guys recommend?

I am gearing up to do some shaping and fairing on top of a fiberglass reinforced Pepakura model. I have recently read some very good things about Evercoat Rage. Is it worth paying the extra money for the premium product, as opposed to using normal Bondo?

Kevin Bley
Any tips on the most ideal way to manage flat black and gloss black base coats for variable finishes on the same prop? Without losing one’s mind on trying to perfectly match up masking lines between the two? Or, am I just in for a perfectionist’s headache in trying to achieve perfect lines?

Bueshang’s creations
Do you use a sculpting head form to sculpt your masks onto?

I’m working on a replica ray gun from the Buck Rogers TV show and I’m trying to figure out how to make the clear plastic tip. Should I cast the part in clear resin or are there any options you can think of that I missed?