Prop and Costume Q&A with the Punished Props team! Bill and Britt answer questions about steel wool, monster clay, handle wraps, metallic finishes, crafting foam helmets, favorite dinosaurs, and more!


Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

How do you dispose of your spray paint cans once you are done using them?

Steven R.
I’ve been looking into getting Pepakura files for a Pre Viszla S4/5 (the Clone Wars) helmet. I’ve come across work in progress threads that build layers upon layers of fiberglass resin and bondo on top of the paper model. Why is this method used instead of EVA foam?

I’m working on EVA foam armor that has glossy and matte sections in the same color. How would you achieve this finish? I used the two most similar colors i could find, the glossy in a spray can and the matte was just an acrylic that i applied with a foam brush. Is there a better solution than the one I used?

Otherworld Cosplay
What did you do in the beginning of your youtube/prop career to network and market yourself?

Is there a specific kind of steel wool that you use to prep plastic for paint?

Billhelm Creations
I have been working with Monster Clay lately but I am having a hard time smoothing it out.
Do you have any tips or tricks about working with Monster Clay?

Do y’all remember the laser engraved poptart?

About to try and put a leather handle on my EVA Sword like your Skyrim Steel Axe build build. Your facebook link to Cathy’s Handle Tutorial s dead. What’s another good resource? Leather Noob here.

Joshua RItman
Do you have any advice for Handel Wrapping with Leather or suede cord. I Made an Iron Axe from My 3D Printer. Came out great but as a maker I’m not that happy with it. (First time). (I tagged you on Twitter if you want to have a look.

Matthew Davis/Patina Props
Have you seen the Aquaman from the new Justice League movie? Asking because his armor looks like it gives him an insane range of movement. Wondering if you have any advice for that level of flexibility? Video of armor.

Sam – Bio Cosplay
What’s your favorite dinosaur?

Rocketman Props
How do you protect a 3D file from theft once you sell it digitally, such as on Etsy?

Habiteer Workshop
What color would you recommend painting Vash’s Trigun gun? Trying to find that metallic blue-ish silver with no luck

I use EVA and light weight spackle to build a lot of my props. What is the oddest not-meant-for-that material you routinely use for cosplay building?

Hey guys, what is something you want to learn how to do?

What is a good Barge Contact Cement alternative? Is DAP a good brand?

how did you guys go about getting real life book of the foam smith books made?

Hi guys. I spoke with Yaya Han at megacon. She recommended I hit you up for trying to use foam for the first time to make a helmet. What would you recommend?

How long were you guys making before you started your YouTube channel/online business?

Adam (YackyYam)
What new thing with 3d printing would you like to try but haven’t yet?