Back from traveling! Bill answers prop and costume questions about mold wall thicknesses, hot glue, workshop priorities, fixing seams, glowing eyes, displaying props on walls, scaling digital files, and more!


Show Notes:

Questions from the Show:

Have you thought about using simple pins in your separating pvc props to keep them from flying apart when swung?

Catherine Jones
Have just made my first silicon mold of a little 3d printed duck. I think I made the walls too thick so was hard to get the duck back out again.
I suspect I’ll have the same problem when I come to casting. How thick should my walls be?

If I don’t have Contact Cement on hand, can I use hot glue? How durable is hot glue, and would you recommend using it?

I’m about to get a new shed and I’m planning to turn it into a foam cosplay workshop/paradise. What are the “must haves” in your workshop? If you built yours all over again, what are the first things you would buy?

andrew stevens
What is your advice on the best paint to use on foam props?

Prop Monkey Cosplay
I recently watched a video by Kamui Cosplay about priming, as well as your video about sealing EVA foam. I noticed that they kwik seal their seams after heat sealing, but you do it before. Does it really matter whether heat sealing is done before or after? Are there any pros or cons to doing it either way? Btw, thank you for doing a creature cast video!

Have you used rare earth magnets to attach armor to clothing? And what are the pros and cons?

I’m doing my first project ever, which is a redhood helmet. It’s made of pepakura, fiberglass, and bondo. I finished the outside and I want to add light up eyes. I want to use a LED, but how do I defuse the light so it won’t look like a spot, and still see through the eyes?

I mistakenly sprayed glossy clear coat on my armor. any tips for restoring the original eggshell sheen?

Under the Capes
I’m making a couple mixed medium projects and was wondering about adhesives. What would be the best adhesive for gluing EVA foam to XPS insulation foam? Also, what would be the best adhesive for gluing EVA foam to upholstery foam?

I’ve seen the tiny computer you use to stream with, but what is it? I’m looking for something tiny to put in my own workshop to stream with, and would love to know more about the specs for yours, and if you think it’s a good starting point for a new streamer.

Michael Chrisco
I was wondering if the liquid latex or liquid neoprene would be good to silkscreen or paint onto a lycra or a neoprene swimsuit to create raised patterns on it? And can liquid latex and liquid neoprene be dyed?

Matthew Davis/Patina Props
Making my first chest armor this week. Any suggestions for when you don’t have a body cast or an extra set of hands for fixturing the armor pieces?

For displaying props in your house, are you still using the method you showed off in the video with April or have you changed your method?

I’ve been thinking of sealing my first with urethane but worried about losing my details. Any tips or ideas? Can I go back and drill or sand the details in?

Do you know a way to insulate foam armor from extreme temperatures when stored in an unfinished attic?

I’m trying to make some small horns out of foam. Heating it isn’t going so well. I made a 2 piece pattern. Should I try a 3 piece?

3d Printing gamer
Do you use a blueprint to get a base for your 3d designs in fusion? Or do you use actual photos and scale them? I have been trying to create some 3d files and have a hard time designing them at the correct size.

Billhelm Creations
Have you heard of any other brands liquid neoprene other than Creature Cast?