Garrick, from KnowOne’s Designs, joins us on this episode of Prop: Live Q&A! Bill and Garrick answer questions about Cosplay Melee, gluing fabric to foam, business names, sword scabbards, printing filament, building wings, EVA foam crafting tools, templating, and more!


KnowOne’s Designs

Q&A Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Garrick, what adhesive do you use to attach stretch fabric to EVA foam? What’s your process for this technique?

How did you choose the name for your public/business side of things? Are you still happy with the names you chose? What would you change?

Dirty Templar
How would you recommend making a scabbard or sheath for a foam prop sword?

Keanu rust
What are your favorite filaments for 3D printing?

William (dlc props)
For Cosplay Melee, how nerve racking was it to work on a costume, knowing that you are being filmed for TV?

I’m building an original designed set of Brute themed Spartan armor from Halo.
I want to construct simple extendable glowing red “plasma” wing protrusions out the back–Much to the effect of the Atriox’s Gravity Mace, but as part of the armor itself. I’ve considered having the wing protrusions be removable or retractable, but I have no good idea on how to achieve either. Advice?

How would you make the version of The Red Hood helmet in Batman: The Killing Joke? I’ve seen plenty that look good in photo shoots but never one that actually uses red two way film.

Ry Brooks
As a growing Foamsmith with a short budget, what should be the next tool I should try to add to my collection after already having a Dremel, exacto and heat gun?

Any idea where I can locate foam armor templates for halo for a XXL size person?

I am working on a Nuka Cola bottle and want to cast it hollow and put drinks in it. Do you know of any resins that would be food/drink safe?

If you were to build a larger vacuum former, what kind of heat source would you use?

Garrick, I haven’t seen Cosplay Melee yet, but how much help did you get from judges/other contestants? Also, what was the best thing you learned whilst on the show?

Aidan Clark
I’m working on a set of Halo ODST armor out of EVA foam and I’m trying to decide how to go about painting it after i seal it. Spray paint or brush paint?

When adding a small fuller on a sword, would heating a metal pipe and pressing/clamping it into the EVA sword get the foam to hold the shape? I don’t yet have budget for Rotary tool.

I am working on a greatsword and the blade will be bigger than the floormat foam. How would I make the seams not noticeable?

Sam – Bio Cosplay
On Cosplay Melee, how long did you have to get into your costume and do your make-up and what not? Also did you have help putting everything on?