Bill is hyped about the new Destiny 2 trailer, and is excited for his upcoming trip to Star Wars Celebration! The community submitted great prop and costume questions that cover a range of topics, like video editing, small apartment dust management, adding helmet horns, the planning process for a large prop build, clear casting, 3D Printing tips, and more!


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Q&A Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Question 1: Are you psyched for Star Wars Celebration?
Question 2: Does video editing get easier once you’ve had practice? I want to make videos about cosplay, but I’m not the best editor.

Have you seen the new Destiny 2 trailers? Thoughts???

Gorgonzola (Dane)
Hey Bill, I finished a prop gun recently and I was wondering if you could give your opinion about painting. I was wondering if there’s a technique to avoid the brush mark look without an air brush. Mine kinda looked like it was brushed on.

Ruben Everts
I’m moving soon to another country and I’m going to live in a small apartment. I want to know if there’s a way I can have a clean mini workshop in my future living room. I’m going to buy 2 3D
printers (to make the negatives) for my props so I want to know a way to sand, paint and mold without making a disaster (i paint with spray and airbrush)?

I’m starting on the god emperor from warhammer. Are there any templates or sites with information that would be helpful for this large armor?

Do you have a method to get rid of bubbles in a clear resin casting, without a vacuum chamber?

Any tips on making some small viking horns for my sons’ EVA Viking Helmet? Was thinking Paper Mache, EVA Pattern or carve from foam. How should I attach the horns onto the helmet?

Rachel C
Question 1: Have you got a chance to play with a Glowforge or is it just too much hype and not enough cool tool for you?
Question 2: How can we get you to come to Phoenix Comicon? (It’s memorial day weekend usually every year) you have a bunch of dessert followers 😀

Rev Chumley
Have you considered building your own custom 3d printer for larger prop and costume builds?

When starting on a complicated weapon prop, where do you typically begin in the planning process?

Chrysostom Cosplay
I am currently working on a full foam build of a genderbent Maximus costume from Gladiator. I have been currently sculpting the silver details in monster clay. What is the best material to cast them in so they are flexible and durable? I am trying to wean myself off of worbla and apoxie sculpt.

Brian (Doctor Constantiel)
What’s your opinion on XTC 3D? Would you use it as a supplement to sanding, and do you use it before sanding to reduce the sanding work or afterwards to level out things after some low grit sanding?

I’ve gotten into a bad habit of getting near the end of a project and going “Whatever, I don’t care anymore.” Any tips on how to power through that feeling?

Nick at Modulus Props
I’ve been on a quest for decent work lights for my basement shop. Something that’s bright with good color balance, but not too hot or expensive. I’ve been using cheap clamp lights with LED bulbs, and they do alright. Do you have any favorites?

How do you ventilate your office for 3D printer stuff? I live in a small apartment in Chicago and open windows in winter is not a good. mostly using PLA, but I want to use ninja flex and nylon.

Darren (drscifi)
Bill, Your foamsmith armor book is making my Star Wars Rogue One : K-2SO puppet build possible. I’ve been having some long nights in preparation during my cosplay con crunch for Wondercon.
My question is how do you estimate how long a foam project will take? I feel I am always over optimistic in what I can accomplish per day. If interested here is my RPF Build Blog.

About my Warhammer costume, for the eagle designs, should I make them from foam or should I sculpt them, or carve them?

Have you tried sealing foam in Flex Seal? It’s a clear rubberized leak sealer. It’s kinda expensive but saw a can the other day and got curious

I’m currently designing a huge 3d print, an Atlas mech from battletech, that when finished will stand six foot tall and have shoulders about 5 foot across,. I’m having some doubts as to weather PLA will able to stand its own weight on a project this large. Should I putting a more rigid skeleton/frame inside it and what would be a good material to make it out of?

I’m making a TV head, like Canti. What would be a good way to be able to see through the tv screen part?

What is the one prop that you are longing to make but haven’t yet? Mine is a full-size TARDIS.

Aiden Hodri
When it comes to melee type weapons used for combat in films and just in general practice, foam seems to be the go to material. Would you happen to know of a resin that can sustain such abuse?