Bill and Britt talk about their Emerald City Comicon and Pax East adventures! Then, the Punished Props team answers prop and costume questions from the community about airbrushing paint sealers, attaching silicone, pearlescent finishes, molding and casting, latex painting ratios, video game references, 3D printing, and more!


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Q&A Show Notes:

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Questions from the Show:

Question 1:
When sealing your paint job with an airbrush, do you normally have to also thin down your sealing agent (lacquer, varnish etc.) or is it different compared to paints? Also, what are the differences between the most common airbrushable sealing agents?
Question 2:
When it comes to sanding of PLA, is there a special way to do it in order to not have plastic molten in your sandpaper and files? Maybe wet sanding?

I am making Trico from The Last Guardian. I want to sculpt and cast his ears out of silicone for a fleshy look. How can I attach fur to the back of the silicone ears? Would hardware store liquid silicone work as a glue?

What material or method could be used to create a pearlescent finish, for making pearl-handled prop knives and guns?

Adam Coe
I’ve recently taken interest into silicone mold making. I was wondering if you have ever tried casting a mold of a foam prop? If so, did it work out well and do you have any critical tips? I made Master Chief’s armor from Halo 5 out of Plasti Dipped EVA foam and thought it would be neat to try and cast it with silicone molds; just uncertain of how the foam might hold up.

Dan at Buckethead Props
I have been trying out mould making for the first time (thanks to you guys!) I am attempting to cold cast small pieces using metal powders in a 1:1 ratio with polyurethane resin, not just dusting the mould. The powder seems to be upsetting the resin and it doesn’t cure correctly (stays tacky). Have you guys ever had this problem or have any advice that might help this along?

Death Blossom Cosplay
I often see you and your guests work with contact cement. I have used it before and the fumes are real. My workshop is in a basement with a large window but only one. What would you recommend for setting up proper ventilation as I value the remaining brain cells I have?

I’d like to paint some props and I want to use a rubber or latex paint. I know you have talked about doing this but i can’t find your videos on combining the materials to get a proper ratio for spray guns. Can you link them or make some videos on this?

Vaclav Cosplay
I’m trying to build Stein’s Souleater scythe but I’m not sure how to make the the 3D shape.

Luis Garcia
What are the best ways to seal raw MDF before applying paint?

Is there a site like the Bungie armory or the Mass Effect page on DeviantArt that you use to get reference images for Skyrim?

Ed Gurney
I have a question about the logistics of carrying props around a con. I’ve made quite a few holsters and slings for my nerf repaints (not yet made it to scratch-building props) as an excuse to make some cool, engraved leather cowboy holsters, etc. When I see cosplay involving weapon props, I see that people rarely make slings or holsters for them, so they have to just carry them around and never have their hands free. Is there a reason for this? Is it that a lot of video game characters don’t have such items? Or is it just not practical at a con (I ask as someone who doesn’t really go to cons)?

PsyBorg (Two Crazy Turtles Creations)
How can I make the walls of a 3d object thicker? In my case, I have a model that has a wall thickness of zero, so it is just a surface or face. From the back, you can see right through it.

Oni 117
So the new Pathfinder armor from Mass Effect Andromeda just looks too damn sexy not to try and build. As a novice cosplayer, I’m getting a handle on foam-crafting but after scouring the internet for reference pics, the shoulders and arms look to be a little trickier to make, not to mention the collar and domed visor. How would you go about crafting the arms/sleeves for this particular armor?

I’m finding that I have a bunch of scrap foam lying around that aren’t small enough to consider throwing away because there’s enough space on it to maybe cut something out down the line. Thing is, I have two full boxes of these scraps just laying about now. I was wondering, how do you decide to keep which pieces of scrap foam and which to just toss?

I recently made my first mold and am trying to cast colored gems with smooth cast 325 and so strong color tint. I did everything I followed the instructions but the casts aren’t great. They have small bubbles inside, cloudy outer surface, and they come out pliable and not fully hardened. I demold them around 30 minutes after casting 2x what is suggested. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Just got a vinyl cutter. What kind of vinyl and transfer tape do you use for stencils?

I’m going to make a light saber and I want to make the the blade not that shiny, what I should do? paint the tube white? Sand it? use a led strip? use a single led?

PatinaProps/Matthew Davis
Starting my N7 Defender armour in the coming weeks. Any insightful tips for that particular armour set?

Mark (Ironmarkprops)
If you would 3d print a whole helmet, would you reinforce it with resin prior to filling and sanding? Or would you go directly to filling and sanding?

Hey guys, what is a route I can take in learning/refreshing myself with how to use tools and equipment? I took a lot of tech courses in high school so I’ve used many tools from various saws, welder’s, grinders, sanders, car lifts, etc… But that was a few years ago so I’m a little out of the game.

I am thinking about taking a year off from work to focus more on my projects, how do you maintain or keep a work schedule?

Hi guys, are there any plans to do any cosplay of the new ornament sets from the age of triumph DLC from Destiny?

Greetings from Australia! If you use bondo to fix up things such as 3D printed parts, can you sell props as is, or would you mould & cast to ensure the product is all the one material?

Doctor Constantiel
Any tips and tricks for removing support materials from PLA prints? The supports from Cura and Slic3r are about as strong as the piece itself. Is Simplify3D significantly better at supports?