Andrew DFT joins us all the way from New Zealand on this week’s prop and costume Q&A live stream! Bill and Andrew answer questions about collaborations, learning new materials, protective coatings, polystyrene, backpacks, EL Wire, Destiny weapon references, travel plans, and more!


Andrew DFT

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Destiny Hand Cannon Collaboration
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Questions from the Show:

Do you trade with other creators? Kits, plans, etc

Kwinten Boot
Hey Andrew, i would love to know if you have ever considered using other materials other than foam.. such as mdf for weapons or worbla for armor?

I have made Sokka’s boomerang from Avatar the last airbender out of floor mat foam. But I want the finished product to be sturdy without the chance of it bending and forming a crease line in the foam. What would be the best material to do a hard clear coat over top of the piece?

You mentioned in your “how to seal eva foam” guide that being able to sand your sealant is great if you want a specific finish. I’m curious what kind of finishes you were referring to? Are the finishes harder to get with regular painting/without sanding the sealant or primer underneath?

I have a load of expanded polystyrene (white kind) and wanted to make it into some sweet space guns. I know working with polystyrene can be tricky as pretty much everything will melt it (spraypaint, some glues, heat ec.). I was wondering if you guys had any tips on working with the stuff? Particularly with regard to sticking and sealing the expanded polystyrene foam.

I just bought a foam weapon at a con and the paint on the handle is already wearing off. It looks like it’s been airbrushed, but not sealed. What should I use to repaint it (if I don’t have access to an airbrush) and then seal it?

Misty Jezierski
I am prop master for community theater and many times I have to have something breakable, like a plate, that when it hits the floor it sounds like a China plate, but doesn’t break. I also have to put real food on it that will be eaten. Is there something I can coat such items with that will keep them from breaking?

Og purple kushh
Andrew, have you done any add ons? ie backpacks or waistpacks? I’m working on my ODST build.

Larg Sigh
Have you used EL Wire before? What do you think about it? I am thinking of using it to simulate lightning around armor (for a Flash costume) but i have never used it or seen it in person before.

I was interested in getting a vinyl cutter for doing stickers and stencils, do you have any suggestions where to start?

Hey guys, I’m currently trying to make myself a Genji cosplay from Overwatch, and I’m having some difficulty making the sword. I’m planning on making the spine of blade and the handle out of one piece of MDF, and then putting lights and plexiglass in the spine of the blade. I’m having some trouble figuring out the best way to carve a channel into the blade down the length of it to insert the lights and plexiglass. Any suggestions?

Geoff G.
I’m planning out a For Honor Warden cosplay to be ready later this year I have a few questions.

1st: Chain mail. what is the best way to replicate chain mail for a cosplay without it looking cheesy and cheap but not be there full McCoy and weigh me down? I’ll need to make a shirt and tabard/loincloth type piece.

2nd: The sword. It measures out to be over 50 inches. I plan to make this with eva foam, similar to the Atom Cats axe you made, just with a MUCH longer blade. will a length 1/2″ pvc pipe be sturdy enough to support the blade?

3rd: Is there a faux leather or substitute material that would work well for making his vest? I plan to attach Foam plates and scale-mail to it. How would you attach these to faux leather, or substitute you recommend?

4th: What is the best way to achieve color patterns in fabric like from the game? Paint on dye? I fully intend to weather the commonwealth out of this cosplay so any unsightly brush strokes or
sewing seams can be hidden with dirt and grime.

Captain Indigo (Josh)
I’m currently working on a Doctor Fate cosplay, which includes a closed face helmet. Floor mat foam was too thick and bulky for the nose and eye area, so I’m using 6mm craft foam, which works almost perfectly. My problem is that the craft foam is fairly soft and isn’t holding complex shapes as well. Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem?

Andrew you mentioned in your side of the colab that you used a software to get access to the 3d models of the hand cannon. Is it free? is there a link?

Habiteer Workshop
How do you keep coming up with the next item to sell as a prop maker? Quitting my job this week with a few months of orders to get done but want to make sure i can keep this going.

PatinaProps/Matthew Davis
How would you go about getting your name out there in the prop making community and getting jobs?

Blacksmith cosplay
I’m considering gender bending mercy for a cosplay, but I’m not 100% sure on how to go about that, any advice??

Rawarhii cosplay
Hey guys, im just wondering if you are attending any european events and if you have any plans for Gamescom this year?

Hey Bill and Andrew, because of you both with the Boolean Gemini and Hand Cannons I started work on Trespasser from Destiny. Do you guys have any tips for making sure my 3D printed parts come together the way I want and what kind of glue I should use?

For simple shapes, like a dome, can plastic meant for vacuum forms be heated with a heat gun and molded over a chuck by hand?