Bill answers prop and cosplay questions about mold seams, chipped paint, miniature painting, gluing metal, slush casting, protecting painted foam, and rapid-fire answers some chat questions!


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Questions from the Show:

John Chen
Question 1: How do you gauge where to cut your release line on a one part mold?
Question 2: How and when should you split a model into parts for molding and how do you know when to use a one part or two part mold?

How many napkins do you go through when you’re weathering? I can only imagine wiping away all that brown and black paint means for an endless supply of wet paper towels, especially for large projects.

Michael Jones
I been trying to make Cloud’s fusion sword from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I saw a video from AWEme DIY Prop Shop on how to make it.
Is it possible to sand 3 layers of EVA foam into a sword with a random orbital sander? Or is there a better tool to use? Sadly this $32 sander I got jitterbugs all over the place and I have to put a lot of my weight on the sander (sand paper is 80) just to remove some material to a point I can’t remove anymore without getting my hands sour.

Alice in Wasteland
I need help making scratches, chipped paint and blaster marks on white armor, any advice? What colors and techniques can I use?

Max Power
Do you have any experience making miniatures or playfields? Can you recommend any techniques or resources?

How would one go about gluing or painting pvc sintra? i have heard it’s a lot like styrene.

Astartes Michael
Looking for the best way to adhere smooth aluminum to high density cross polyethylene foam. It’s part of my arm mount. Thoughts?

Rocketman Props
Is there a maximum amount you’d pour for a single onyx slush cast? I’d like to make a slush cast without a pour spout, is it viable to do the entire pour in one go?

Velissa from Ve’loria Solo Cosplay
I promised my cosplay marvel avengers group I’d build a MCU Falcon for ECCC. I’m thinking the Winter Soldier movie version but I really want to work in articulated/foldable wings that either just switch the position so the wings don’t have to always be out and upright but move so I can get into doors or if I’m ambitions, fold into a pack like in the movie. What are your suggestions for material and the simplest way to accomplish this movement ?

Any movies or video games this year you’re looking forward to making props/costumes from?

What is the best way to seal in painted foam without access to a place where I can spray paint a rattle can enamel?

Doctor Constantiel
Have you considered revisiting the Destiny Hunter Knife as a 3D print project?
Having started foamsmithing by following your excellent Destiny Hunter Knife video and blueprints, I think it could bring us 3D printing newbies up to speed with a familiar object and help us see the pros and cons of each process.

Corlock Striker
Have you ever considered making the Ultima Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts 1? I want to see someone make that one. Also, Zelda props for Breath of the Wild?

How would you paint the cheap 3D glasses you get from the movie theater? What paint would you use?

I’m wanting to paint my costume mando kit but paint doesn’t seem to stay on without smearing off any ideas?

How would you attach lightweight minimal leg armour? Chest armour seems easier.

What is your biggest pet peeve in a prop you see?

Steven Smith
Love your books and videos, This is the first time I was able to watch a live stream. I’m working on a Cosplay for with a friend here in Arlington, WA for armor on a anime character Deedlit. We plan on using EVA for her chest armor but we are thinking on using my large vacuum former using HIPS for the pauldrons because they are thin. what’s your opinion for the pauldrons?

Braxton Farley
When will you be able to do a video on a duct tape mannequin?