Punished Props and VertVixen answer questions about getting started with 3D modeling and printing, cleaning up and assembling printed pieces, favorite tools, molding, gloss finishes, contact cement, cutting circles, future cosplays, and more!



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Questions from the Show:

What advice would you give yourself when you first got started 3d printing?

Chad from Cosarmor & Props
For Alicia, how did you learn Zbrush, and what is your process for sanding all those 3D printed armor pieces?

iamninjamoose aka Mat
What is your preferred method of joining separated 3d printed pieces of the same model?

Bill, are you currently working on or planning more collab projects? More original art?

About how long does it take you to finish with 3D printed armor from start to finish? Like Lich Queen?

Karen Corrigan
I saw the article on Nausicaa’s sword and rifle. Project came out awesome, but being wood and pvc with bondo, do you think of how you could do it in foam and 3d printing now? Have you two thought of rebuilding old projects now that you have more skills and tools to play with?

If you had to pick, what’s the tool you absolutely need – the favorite, the big kahuna, “costume needs to get done in 3 hours” life savor?

What is the best way to get good quality on printed areas that require support material?

I’m thinking of moulding a bow riser I made, but it looks like it will use a lot of silicone and I don’t intend to pull more than one, or maybe two, copies. I haven’t moulded anything before, so I’m going to practice on some smaller things first. Do you have any advice for minimising the amount of silicone I’d need, or alternative materials I could use to make a single use mould? I’m based in the UK and not sure what is available.

Happy late new year! Keep up all the great tutorials! In the new year, one of my goals is start using contact cement on my foam projects. Do you have any experience with Lepage contact cement or know of any good brands of contact cement available in Canada (I can’t find BARGE anywhere, also evil ted recommends dura pro contact cement, but I have only seen in large quantities that cost $150+ ).

Question 1: Don’t know if this Q&A was going to be on goals, but here goes. How’d everybody’s goals go? I think the only one I managed was to finish & submit my entry to the Mandalorian Mercs. (Which was awesome!) I don’t know what I’m doing this year aside from “Learn Fusion 360 within … X”
Question 2: I may be helping out a friend with shipping (mostly ConUS) prop swords. I know you guys have mentioned flat-rate shipping as a general tip. I was hoping you would go a little in-depth with things like logistics & how to efficiently (or the hurdles to do so) get something safely in a box, labeled & out the door.

How do you resist the urge to buy more and more printers? I have an addiction.

What’s the best way to make clean cuts in thicker foam sheets when trying to cut out circles for those of us that don’t have scroll saws or laser cutters?

I’m moving from a home where I can use barge and other smellier prop building supplies to an apartment building. I want to keep building, do you have an advice on how to keep the smells from lingering to other people’s homes?

Team Fett
Hey Bill, I’m 3D printing a soldier 76 rifle from overwatch. The rifle is around 35 pieces in total. I would like to make a mold of the rifle. Should I assemble completely and mold it or assemble some of it and make molds? What would you do and what would you suggest for a beginner?

zero-cool props
Is epsilon the best/only coating for creating a durable hard finish for foam?

Tony (BlueTongueDevil)
Do you have an opinion on the Prusa 3D printer? Or what would you suggest for a first print purchase?

If money and time were no issue, what would be your dream prop/costume to make?

The digital armory
Question for the both of you! If money was no object, what is your dream 3D printer and why?

What is your favorite way to finish a 3D printed piece to something like a polished shiny metal shine?

Max Money AWA
How do you go about making a helmet to properly fit your noggin, as in not too big and definitely not too small? My big cosplay goal for this year is to make an Eomer from Two Towers because he has the coolest set of armor.

Downen Creative
Vert was talking about this in a prior stream and I agree: we need a new term for “cosplayer”. How do you describe what you do to someone that isn’t in the industry? Thoughts?

Otherworld Cosplay
What was one thing you wish you knew when you first began the cosplay/ prop making journey?

Question1: Bill, How do you go about making your books?
Question 2: Vert, Have you ever seen/ used those 3d printing pens? I just got one
& im not sure what im gonna use it for, have you ever used one? if do what for or what would you use one for?

I am making a costume of Mark from G-Force Anime. I am going for lightweight foam armor rather than just a plain bodysuit. The helmet has cast green eyes.
What material would allow best diffused lighting? Would I mold it solid or hollow? For Armor – How would you design armor that is sleek and light?