Bill answers questions about chrome finishes, Instructables, Maker Spaces, crackle paint, costumes for pets, fine surface primer, motivation, rubber cement paint, starter video cameras, resin casting, and more!


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Questions from the Show:

Do you have any experience with “Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome” spraypaint? I found several videos which compared chrome spray paints and it won all the time. Do you have other tips for getting a mirror chrome finish?

Have you heard of, or ever thought about uploading tutorial content on They have amazing contests where you can win awesome prizes with your tutorials on how to make stuff. I know Volpin has made a couple tutorials that have won prizes before and was wondering if you would ever consider giving it a shot.

Wolf Song
How can a beginner that knows nothing about 3D printing learn how to start 3D printing and using the machines and using the programs that go with it without going to school?

Laraldo Nerd
I am interested in a paint technique like crackle finish – what would be the best way to replicate the finish on foam?

I’m in the process of planning a build of Painwheel from Skullgirls and, while making her wheel seems simple enough, I’m struggling with finding a way to secure it to my body and keep it “floating” in place with minimal visible straps, given the backless design of the dress and the small attachment point to the body. Do you have any advice for this? Thank you so much!

I’m doing a Stein from Soul Eater cosplay. He has a head screw that twist and make a clicking noise. Have any ideas on what to stick in the foam to make the noise?

I’m currently working on a build that is experimenting with using household latex paint. These will be full-contact foam swords, so the paint needs to be durable.
I want to mix my own colors, so I bought a quart of plain white. However, I’m having a hard time with it as all my shades come out over-saturated or too de-saturated (when I try to mix in some grey or black to rein in the over-saturation). Do you have any tips or guides on custom mixing colors? (P.S.: I’m using acrylic paint and food-grade dyes to tint the white paint.)

Hey guys! if you could make a costume for your pets, what would it be?

Team Fett
Question 1: I keep seeing smooth-one youtube videos about dragonskin. Is this a pretty good replacement for most molding situations? It appears that the molds may last longer with dragonskin
Question 2: What was your settings when you created your RC car wheels? I’m reading rubber can be an issue or cause jams. Did you experience any of this?

Did you guys see Rogue One and what did you think of it? Also, any Star Wars related props you guys are thinking of making next year?

Lon Koenig
During the lightsaber build, you guys did some priming that was cured in minutes. What magical primer did you use?

Evil Todd Smith
When you first started prop making how did you find motivation to stick to and finish a project?

Do you have a po box or address for fan mail, gifts, etc?

Triell Freschi
I just picked up the materials to try rubber cement painting based on your mechanist armor making. Mixed up a 50/50 ratio, added some oil paint and gave it a go. Didn’t look right, so have tried more cement, more paint, more thinner, nothing looks like it paints on a nice coat. Any suggestion, hints or videos you can suggest for getting this to work beyond the Frank video on Tested from your video? I’d really like to get this to work for more flexible and durable props.

Aerosol CA fixer or pump spray? Is there any difference? Which would you recommend? They can’t ship aerosol via airmail.

Is a hot wire a good way to cut foam?

I am making the 7th seal from Darksiders and I’m planning on casting it, with one of the cast copies being easy to break by hand. I was wondering what material would be best for that application?

William (DLC Props)
What would be a good low budget camera to get to make videos? I want to make better quality videos for my YouTube channel. My phone’s camera is crappy!

Sam – Bio Cosplay
Hey Bill! What’s your favorite pokemon?!

Max Money AWA
Have you ever made a crossplay/ genderbent costume? If so, what was it?

Nick at Modulus Props
Before he achieved enlightenment, was Buddha Cat known by a different name?

I got a VR head set laying around after the past holiday and i have no clue what to do with it. I wanna some how mod it or just do something odd to it and recommendations?

Patina Props
I’ve been wanting to start resin casting, but I’m living on a meager college student salary. What is the minimum requirement of stuff and spending to start casting?

Thrill Builds
What is your adhesive of choice for sectioned 3D prints? Yesterday I noticed Britt created some pegs to hold together the Holly helmet. Is that a best practice and if so, is there a size benchmark for “hey, this needs pegs”?

Barge isn’t available in Canada sadly, and I haven’t found a good equivalent yet. Where’s the best price you’ve seen for Barge? Any other contact cement (for foam) that you like?

Have you tried getting eva foam wet then using a butane torch on it? I tried this method today to some interesting results, wanted to hear your experiences.