We have both Punished Props members answering prop and cosplay questions. Bill and Britt talk about highlighting dark costume pieces, 3D Printers, airbrush cleaning, heat guns, resin casting, space guns, and more!


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Questions from the Show:

Are you excited for tonight!?
I find myself drawn to fan art very often. What kind of things, like armor are you drawn too? What do you like working on the best?

When(if at all) will you start taking on more commission clients?

Do you have any good tips for painting something that you don’t want to look beaten up in the final product? Especially if the piece is black? I have a piece of armor that is black but it needs to look more new. However, I know detail won’t show well if it isn’t highlighted.

Any tips on shading/weathering a black prop/armour piece?

Tim Sjåstad
What’s the best way to smooth out chavant clay and make really even and smooth surfaces?

How did your 2016 goals go and what are your goals for 2017?

Big Sexy (Matt)
Do you have any recommendations on which 3d printer I should buy as a first time printer? I have a decent amount of 3d printing knowledge so I don’t want a little beginner printer.

How indispensable a tool has 3D printing become to your prop-making? Followup: What are your thoughts on transitioning from PLA to ABS (trading ease of printing for ease of sanding)?

Have you ever had experience using gesso to seal props?

Any tips on easy cleaning of airbrushes where paint dried inside fully?

Gregory Mckim
What’s your favorite kind of property to make besides space guns?

Scott Bourke
What recommendation on heat guns do you have? Do I need to spend a lot? Planning or heating PVC Pipe for transforming it.

What tool do you wish you had?

Habiteer Workshop
How do you cast clear without a pressure pot? And did ya try the coffee?

How should a Helmet fit your head?

How well does turning a 3D print into a molded piece work for you? Would you rather 3D print multiple of the same piece and clean them or clean one good print and mold it?

When you’re expanding your skill sets, can you set aside time to learn and practice or do you have to do it all on the job?

What do you do with spare 3d pieces? i have a like a boxload of test prints and don’t know what to do with it or can reuse it in some way.