Evil Ted Smith joins Punished Props on this prop and cosplay Q&A. Bill and Ted talk about BlizzCon, metallic finishes, compressors, sealing foam, shrinking Plasti Dip, content on other channels, weapon supports, neck seals, where to buy Barge, band saws, and more!


Evil Ted Smith
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Questions from the show:

I’m about to spraypaint the first coat of my Winter Soldier Arm. Any tips? It’s sealed and I have a base Black Gloss coat on so far and am waiting for my gloss+ silver vs rustoleum chrome paint tests to make my final decision. But any general tips or top coat suggestions?

Hey Bill, I’m making more props and costumes for myself and my kids. Being kids they can really dent or bend foam well. I have tried plasti-dip, flexbond, modge podge and each one works well, but they still bend. I’m wondering if there is a non-toxic way to harden the EVA foam? I haven’t tried creaturecast, but epsilon is toxic and want to help make their own props as much as possible.

I’m looking for my first Air Brush Compressor, but after looking around for awhile there isn’t a lot of reviews. Whats a good one for a first time? I don’t mind spending a little more to get something that will last. I really want it to last a while.

Prop Monkey Cosplay
After heat shaping my foam pieces, I plasti-dip them only to have my pieces flatten out again. It seems as though there’s shrinkage so the tightness of the surface flattens it out. Have you experienced this, and what can I do to alleviate this problem?

In regards to glue, Sizing is the process of applying glue to a surface with the purpose of partially sealing it and thereby allowing for better adhesion between it and another sized surface. Depending on the glue (such as Hide glue) or the material (such as porous white
pine) sizing can be mandatory. In your experience with foam and contact cements, have you ever found it necessary to Size the surfaces of your foam to create a better or longer lasting bond? Or is sizing with contact cements essentially unnecessary?

I have been wanting to start my own prop/costume making business for a very long time now but I just don’t know where to start. I have what I like to call “the chicken or the egg syndrome”. Should I build a following first, then a product OR offer a product (on etsy or something), then build a following? Any advice or insights you can offer would be awesome.

Sam – Bio Cosplay
How would you go about making a costume of a robot whose spine is exposed and is missing it’s midsection?

With Ted part of DIY Prop Shop & Bill doing articles & such for Tested, what/how are these outlets different from your normal channels and how (if at all) do you approach material for those channels?

Lee (from blizzcon)
What are some good, lightweight alternatives to PVC/wooden dowel to use as a handle reinforcement? My pvc handle broke and was thinking of aluminum, but I can’t figure out how to attach stuff to it, glue foam, get couplings/T joints/screw couplings/etc.

I’m making my first foam armor cosplay and wanted to use rub n buff for the metallic luster. Would you seal it using a spray varnish?

I would love to know how you manage to keep neck seals on while in costume, we had a real propblem with our neck seal in our Reinhardt at PaxAustralia.

DeBeaumont Cosplay
Where is the best place to get Barge contact cement offline?

I’m making some big armors, and since some of the big cons I get to wear them to are in the summer, what are good ways to stay cool or to cool down? How long is safe to stay in big armor?

Nick at Modulus Props
I’ve heard Bill mention using a scalloped blade for his band saw to get a nice clean cut with EVA foam. I can’t seem to find those blades anywhere. Do either of you know where to get them?

I’m making some Lego inspired guns out of PVC, but when working out what scale to do them should I go with a more comical large in the human hand look or more of a real handgun scale? Lego accessories are always massive compared to the minifig. I’ve been working at a 16:1 scale and that makes handle diameter 55mm.

Hey Bill, greetings from Wellington, New Zealand. Are you aware of the neo tokyo eva foam print transfer technique?

What’s your most anticipating project/build for 2017?

How do i measure my body parts for foam crafting armor?

I just joined the bandsaw club.any advice for getting to grips with bandsawing? And what are the best blades for foam?