My shop has a LOT of tools. Some of them, like the lathe, are only used every once in a great while. Others, like my handy dandy set of small files, get used every single day. These every day use tools get stored in bins and on magnet strips in my main workbench area so that I can get to them right when I need them.


I also get super bent out of shape if other people wander off with these tools and don’t put them back. I’ve come up with a strict “don’t touch Bill’s favorite tools” shop rule. To help my shop visitors keep my sanity, I’ve come up with a list of mostly smaller tools that can be put in a toolbox and brought to my shop for their own use. This keeps me happy and everyone else well armed with the tools they need.

I figured this would be a fantastic list of tools to share with anyone who is looking to put together their own collection of prop making workstation tools. The links below all go to Amazon products and I get a tiny cut of your purchases, so thank you for helping keep the Punished Props pirate ship afloat!

For a more exhaustive list of the rest of my tools, check out this list here!